Kevin Feige Addresses The Place Of The X-MEN In The MCU But Says Marvel Isn't (Currently) Working On It

Kevin Feige Addresses The Place Of The X-MEN In The MCU But Says Marvel Isn't (Currently) Working On It

Kevin Feige has weighed in on how the X-Men could fit into the MCU as outsiders when The Avengers are celebrated but notes that Marvel Studios is holding off on developing any projects with the characters.

With the Disney/Fox deal likely to be finalised next summer, the arrival of the X-Men and Fantastic Four is imminent but there are a lot of questions fans have about how the whole thing will work. Bringing mutants into this world at such a late stage won't be easy and one of the biggest challenges is having the X-Men ostracised by the public when Earth's Mightiest Heroes have often been embraced by them. 

During a recent interview, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was asked about how that could work and while he pointed to the past in order to make it clear that it will be something they're able to explain, he also made it clear that it's still a little too soon for them to be making any firm plans. 

"You’re right, it’s too far out to talk about whether it will happen of not. We’re not working on it in any way, shape or form. We’ve got five films on the docket we’ve already announced that are taking a big percent of our time. But I will say to your very good question that if you look back to Phase 1 and after “Iron Man” was released and we announced our upcoming films, one of which was “Thor,” people said, “How in the WORLD can you bring in a Norse god who flies with a hammer into the world you’ve established of Tony Stark and Stark Industries?” That was sort of the reason we made the “Thor” film the way we did, was to ease character into a world together, even though they might not understand each other and might have trouble getting along at first, that’s the fun of it. But tonally there’s always a way, and as you said the comics have been navigating it quite well for half a century."

At least Feige is confident about his ability to introduce the X-Men to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and there would no doubt be any number of ways to differentiate mutants from other superheroes (bear in mind that the feeling towards The Avengers from the public changed dramatically with the introduction of the Sokovia Accords). What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on that below.
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