TheRealTomServo Presents… Andrew Dominik’s THE WOLVERINE Pitch

TheRealTomServo Presents… Andrew Dominik’s THE WOLVERINE Pitch

With Legion and The Uncanny X-Men, the building blocks of the reboot franchise were laid. But how do we bring back Wolverine after Hugh Jackman’s memorable tenure as the character? Read on to find out…

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While the X-Men franchise itself has been massively successful, much of that can be attributed to Hugh Jackman’s performance as Wolverine. Though Jackman, an unknown at the time, was a controversial pick, he won over the hearts of cinemagoers all over the world. To this day, he has appeared in every installment of the series, excluding Deadpool.

With a history like that, the successor to Jackman has big shoes to fill. And while Jackman might go down as the definitive version of the character until the end of time, that isn't to say a worthy follow-up is impossible. All it needs is the right direction.

Ideally, a Wolverine solo feature would take heavy inspiration from Western films, from its lone gunman hero to its deeply-personal conflicts. But like any good film, the Wolverine character should be the driving point and the main focus of the movie. While you can certainly add other prominent mutants into the mix, what will make the movie is following Logan as he encounters these people and these situations, and how he adjusts to it. He isn't exactly a character with calm temperament, and that opens the floodgates to all sorts of storytelling possibilities.

While I will miss Jackman in the role, if I plan to keep on with these pitches, I need to add fresh blood to what might be the most popular character in the entire franchise across all forms of media. Wolverine is a character with all sorts of cinematic potential that hasn't been completely explored in almost twenty years, and here's to hoping his first outing after the masterful Logan is a worthy one.

And now, TheRealTomServo presents...

T H E   W O L V E R I N E


Directed by Andrew Dominik

Written by David Peoples & Taylor Sheridan

Based on Wolverine by Len Wein, John Romita, Sr. &  Herb Trimpe


We see a man, chopping wood with an axe. He turns, revealing his rugged and worn eyes, but a maintenance of youth in his exterior. The wood he's trying to cut won't​ budge, no matter how hard he swings. Frustrated, he unsheathes three claws from between his knuckles and slices the wood with ease.

He retires from his work, bringing the wood into his house and tossing it into the fireplace. He ventures into the kitchen, heating up a baked potato and steak from Outback. He then sits on the couch, watching a random television program and swilling down a beer. After his food, he showers, and heads to sleep. Before he rests, he glances over at the dog tags on his dresser.

It reads: “Wolverine”.

He awakens in the morning, noticing his blankets have been torn to shreds. He looks down to his fists, which have a fresh coat of blood. He did it in his sleep. All of a sudden, he hears a knock on his door. Nearly naked, he throws on a robe before opening the door. A strange man, bearded with a head of long, wiry hair, asks to come in. He claims to be of the county's police department, and needs to ask questions about a local serial killer and any potential sightings.

“Do you have a badge on?”

“Well, not right--”

“Then no thanks, bub.”

He slams the door in the man’s face, who walks away discouraged. He gets into a car, which is holding a driver and a passenger. The driver is a middle-aged man, and the passenger an Asian woman. He tells them that he wasn’t recognized, and they drive away.

The man heads into his bedroom, where he lights a cigar and picks up the newspaper. He reads the headline: “Alleged Wolf Attacks Continue To Plague Town’s Ecosystem”. He scoffs, and puts it down. He heads back outside, getting into his truck and heading out.

He arrives at a small tavern, where he greets the waitresses and bartenders. It'd seem he's a regular customer. He orders pancakes, hash browns, and eggs. When the waitress offers a coffee, he responds: “A beer will do.”

We see a teenage girl, also in the restaurant. She looks lost, like she's uncomfortable in the environment. Her fingers tap the table, and the waitress brings her meal of waffles and bacon.

While everyone eats in peace, the three strangers from earlier walk in. They sit at the table opposite our hero, and the bearded man winks and grins. Put off, our hero doesn't respond. The bearded man starts conversation with his party, about the wolf attacks. The bearded man looks over to our hero, mentioning how strange it is that the wolves have yet to be seen.

“It's you, isn't it?”


“You know, the wolf. No, the Wolverine. Yeah. That has… that has a ring to it.”

Fuming, our hero gets up from his chair, and grabs the bearded man by the collar. “Who the [frick] are you?” The bearded man laughs. “You'll remember. In due time.” As the bearded man’s male accomplice readies himself to shoot our hero, the teenage girl grabs our hero, pulling him through the wall. They get into our hero’s truck, and he drives away speedily.

“Uh, thanks for helping me back there, kid.”

“No problem.”

“Do you want me to take you back to your parents?”

“I don't have any.”

Our hero looks at her dead in the eyes. She doesn't flinch any little bit. He assumes her to be telling the truth, and continues on with driving. It only then comes to him to ask about what transpired back in the tavern.

“How did you…? You too?”

“Me too?”

“You're a mutant. Aren't you?"

“... yeah. Are you?”

Our hero drives through a secret path in the woods. He turns to the girl, and shows her his claws. This reassures the girl she isn't alone, but he goes on to state that he has no clue where they come from and when it started.

“Was it when you were a kid?”

“I don't remember being a kid.”

The teenage girl introduces herself as Kitty Pryde. She says she lived in Washington, but ran away from home. He introduces himself as Logan, and laughs to himself, going on to say he doesn't remember anything about his life before ten years ago.

Logan asks where they can go to be safe. Kitty tells him of a family friend living all the way in New Orleans, which of course is a long trip. Logan replies, telling her he has no choice, since he doesn't know where else to go.

We see the three mysterious people, entering a high-security military base, Alkali Lake. They enter a laboratory, where an older man is running experiments on a corpse.

“ I detected mutant genes,” he said. “Powerful ones.”

The bearded man laughs to him. “Logan was sure as hell powerful.”

The old man turns to the bearded man, and smacks him. “Logan’s dead to us, Victor. We don't speak about him. Ever. You hear me?” He smiles. “Unless you're trying to tell me that you finally killed him?”

Victor turns to his party. “Actually, Dr. Thorton, we didn't. David was going in for the kill, the adamantium bullet and everything, and then…”

“A girl”, says the Asian woman.

Dr. Thorton looks annoyed. “A girl? What girl?”

The woman continues. “No clue. But she was a mutant. She phased right through the wall with Logan. We weren't able to catch up.”

Dr. Thorton scolds them. “You know… Victor, David, Yukiro, I didn't bring you back on the program for you to [frick] everything up. So do me a favor, and find him. Kill the girl if you have to. Who [frick]ing cares about the girl? Just find him, and bring him to me. Or kill him. Either works. I'm not picky.”

On their way out of the lab, Victor promises that he will be the one to kill him, as they have a score to settle. David and Yukiro look to him, and reluctantly oblige.

Logan and Kitty stop at a motel in Wall, South Dakota, where they plan to stay the night. The lodging manager, a sweet elder woman, greets them, and gives them room keys. Ash they head to their room, Logan tells Kitty that the manager reminds him of someone. We see flashes of violence and bloodshed from Logan’s memory, as well as the face of a Native woman. This stops shortly, and they go to their room.

The two have a conversation, trying to get to know each other, seeing as how they'll be spending a lot of time together. Kitty tells him that she only recently discovered her mutant abilities, and fled home before her father out. She feared judgement, and didn't want to be cast away like many like her have.

We cut back to a few weeks ago, where Kitty was in her room with her boyfriend. The two are passionately kissing one another, Kitty unbuttoning his pants. They continue on kissing, and her boyfriend goes to grab her hand. But his goes straight through hers. The two of them are scared, not knowing what's going on. Kitty gets off of him and starts panicking. She tries to open the door and leave, but her hand can't grip the knob. Scared of her mutation, her boyfriend climbs out through the window and runs away. Kitty tries to run into the door to open it, but falls through. Having a meltdown at this point, Kitty runs away, not once looking back to home.

Logan gives a sigh of pity, apologizing for her situation. He tells her that he's been living in the Canadian wilderness for over ten years, killing its wildlife for food. He only rarely goes out, and when he does, it's to the same tavern. When Kitty asks how he still looks so young, he theorizes it has something to do with his abilities. He just doesn't know what it is yet. After talking for a bit more, Kitty falls asleep. Logan soon does as well.

Logan dreams of more violence and death and bloodshed, but this time, the situation is more defined. A tribe is on fire, and a Native woman is screaming for him. “Logan!” But something stabs her from behind with claws, and bites her neck. It then proceeds to slit her throat. This wakes Logan up, where he brings out his claws and screams in rage. Now awake, he realizes he was only dreaming. He retracts his claws and falls back asleep. But Kitty was awake, with her back turned to him.

Dr. Thorton is going through old files, observing each and every former patient of the Alkali Lake Facility. Victor Creed, David North, Yuriko Oyama, Wade Wilson, Neena Thurman, Sarah Rushman, John Wraith… until finally, he comes across Logan's file. He reads it aloud.

“James Howlett… son of John and Elizabeth Howlett, resident of Yellowknife…”

Victor walks in. “You're forgetting something important there.”

Thorton reassures Victor he didn't forget the unknown detail. Victor tells Thorton that David and his men have been scoping out the region, saying one called in for a suspicious-looking man and teenage girl entering a motel. Thorton asks if it's “the one in South Dakota”, which Victor confirms with a nod of the head.

“Take Yuriko with you.”

Back in Washington, a man is getting dressed up in a suit and tie. He’s visibly tired and upset, and leaves his house. He pulls up to a news station.

As the story finishes, the newscasters introduce the man. “A week ago, seventeen-year old Katherine Anne Pryde, better known by loved ones as Kitty, went missing from their suburban neighborhood in Issaquah. Here to speak is her father, Carmen Pryde.”

Carmen introduces himself, and begins talking about his daughter, telling the viewers about her life and his experiences raising her. He goes on to gush about their bond, and how much she means to him. He begs the audience to contact him if they see her, and he leaves his number. The newscast continues on with their next story.

It's morning, and the motel's lodging manager is cleaning up. A black car pulls up in front of the establishment. Dread paints her face a lifeless white, and she runs behind the counter and pulls out a shotgun. But Yuriko comes in from the back entrance, and grabs her. Victor and David walk in, with a small legion of armed men. Victor laughs maniacally, and taunts the woman.

“You thought you could run from your past, Doc?”

The sounds of the cars and the conversation between the lodging manager and Victor awakens Logan. He gets out of bed, and hears doors being kicked down, and his name being called. Once their door is kicked, and Kitty awakens, Logan extracts his claws.

“I-I, please, Vic--”

He mocks her sobbing. “Please, Victor! Please, Victor!” David and Victor share a laugh. “Y'know, you shouldn't have left Alkali, Doc. You shouldn't have left Thorton.”

She says he was committing crimes against nature, and she couldn't bare to stay with him once she found out what he was doing.

“Oh, Carol… I’m so sorry. You don't always know what you're in for with marriage, huh?”

She pleads hysterically for her life. Victor gets closer. “I can't let this go. I'm sorry. It's not my problem with you. In fact, you were always my favorite. But you broke Thorton's heart, and I have to do this for him.”

As Victor goes to slit her throat with his claws, the bodies of two men are tossed into the lobby. Logan steps in, and the armed men point their guns at him. Victor tells them to lower the weapons, and they do.

“Mornin’, sleepyhead.”

Logan asks them why they are threatening the life of the woman. Victor explains her former life as a scientist working for Alkali Lake, and her relationship with its founder, Dr. Andre Thorton. He tells Logan she left him and her old life behind when she found out what Thorton was doing.

Logan asks what he was doing. Victor replies. “He was making you.”

Logan’s memory is rejogged. He remembers hearing the shouting match between Thorton and Carol, and her storming out. He bursts into the room, and shouts at his team to hurry up. Flashes of the adamantium-fusing process is seen, and we see Logan bursting from the test tube, running out of the facility.

Logan, enraged by the revelation, begins slaughtering the small army. This leads to a brief scuffle with Victor. As this happens, Yuriko stabs Carol in the back, and she dies. Kitty bursts in, and engages in a fight with David. Kitty gets the upper hand, and pulls Logan away from Victor before he can kill him. The two take off in their truck, and Thorton's forces walk off their second defeat.

Kitty asks him what happened back there. Logan snaps, telling her about the pain and suffering he went through at Alkali Lake. She tries to comfort him, but he tells her she’ll never understand. They get into a heated argument, which ends with Kitty saying he can go wherever he wants after she gets to New Orleans. He agrees, and the rest of their trip is silent.

After driving for hours, Logan is getting tired behind the wheel. But Kitty tells him that they're a block away. He stops the car, and they get out. Kitty knocks on the door, and Remy answers. He and Kitty hug for a bit, and Kitty introduces him to Logan. She asks if they can camp out here. Remy allows it, but asks about her father. She tells him not to say anything. He agrees to this, but secretly plans on calling him.

Remy sets up the couch of his place for Logan to sleep on, and he thanks Remy. Remy leaves, and Logan lays down, attempting to sleep. He can't, however, because he begins flashing back to the image of the Native woman being killed, but now seeing Victor as the killer. He gets up for a sip of water.

When he gets to the kitchen, he sees Remy having a cup of wine. He asks Logan why he's awake, and Logan answers by saying he can't sleep. Remy sees through the tough guy act, and tries asking him what's wrong. Logan asks Remy as kindly as possible to stay out of his business, and Remy agrees to it. When Logan leaves the room, Remy calls Kitty’s father. Logan overhears the conversation, but decides not to tell Kitty, for her own good.

The sound of his phone going off wakes up Carmen, who answers it tiredly. Remy explains to Carmen the situation with Kitty, and tells him not to call any police. In order to protect Kitty, as well as Logan, Remy proposes calling a friend of his from the X-Men, inviting him to the party he's throwing the next day and asking him to escort Kitty back home afterwards. Carmen agrees, trusting his friend. He hangs up, and goes back to sleep.

Kitty is awakened by a tap on her shoulder. She turns over to see Logan. Tired, she asks him what he wants. He tells her that he's sorry, and that his trauma blinded him from how harsh he was being. He says he doesn't want animosity between them, and that he thanks her for saving him. She smiles and hugs him, indicating her forgiveness. She leaves the room to get dressed and cleaned up. Logan then feels an ounce of sadness, knowing he may never see her again.

That evening, Remy throws a large party, with many a New Orleanian present. Men and women of all backgrounds, coming together to drink and party. A knock on the door is heard, and Remy opens the door to see Alex Summers.

“Alley Cat!”

The two give each other a pound, and walk in. Alex talks a bit about his latest adventure with the X-Men, and Remy thanks him for his service by giving him a solo cup filled with beer. As Alex drinks, Remy debriefs him on the Kitty situation, and asks him to take her to the X-Mansion, where Carmen will be waiting for her. He puts the drink down and agrees to, realizing he can't fly the Blackbird drunk.

Victor is in his bunker at Alkali, brooding. David enters the room carefully, as to not anger him. David informs him that his Logan was spotted at a party in New Orleans, where one of their guys in undercover. Victor smiles, and orders him to gather more men and send them over with him.

David’s man, Vargas, is in the middle of a heated poker game with Remy. By the end, Remy wins, collecting over a thousand dollars. Vargas laughs with him, and jokes.

“Guess that’s where you got the name Gambit, eh?”

Remy's celebration stops when this is said, as he hasn't been called that in years. It's then that Vargas reveals himself as a member of Alkali Lake’s Weapon X Facility, and asks Remy to come with him. When Remy refuses, Vargas lifts glass bottles with his mind and projects them at Remy, who uses his mutant powers to make the cards break the bottles with psychic energy. The fight goes on, and Remy grabs a staff, which prompts Vargas to grab a sword from the wall. Their fight spills outside.

During this, Logan is in his bedroom alone, trying to get drunk. Alex knocks on the door, and Logan tells him to come in. He asks Logan where Kitty is. Realizing he must be there to pick her up, he tells her she’s in her room.

The fight between Remy and Vargas continues, and as it does, a Weapon X jet lands. David commands his men, who spill out of the vehicle. Victor then exits, calling out for Logan. Logan hears this from his room, and goes to confront him. Before Kitty can react, Alex bursts in, saying she needs to come with him. Confused and scared, she tries to fight back, but Alex knocks her out with a small energy blast.

Vargas stabs Remy, who falls to the floor, seemingly dead. The attention is now completely towards Logan, who Victor is calling for. Logan jumps out of the window of his room, stabbing Vargas. The men begin firing, but the bullets have no effect. Logan begins to kill them, but Victor jumps in, and the two duel. But Victor has the upper hand this time, and he knocks Logan out cold. Remy drags him into the jet, and they fly away with him.

Alex spots Remy’s body after bringing Kitty into the car, and tries to revive him. But Remy reveals he was alive the whole time, playing dead to draw attention away from him. He asks to take a small detour, hoping Alex can help him and Kitty get back Logan. Alex gives in, telling him he’ll need to call her father about it first.

Logan wakes up on a medical table. He’s greeted by Dr. Thorton.

“Do my eyes deceive me? The Wolverine! It’s been a long time.”

Logan looks at Thorton's face, and the memories pour back. He remembers the awful things this man ordered him to do. He remembers doing this, and Victor by his side as it happened.


A wide, devilish grin spreads across Thorton’s face. “You're remembering. Not everything, but enough.” He then welcomes Logan back to Alkali Lake, and says he has plans for him. Logan asks what the plans are. Thorton gives a small recap of Logan’s tenure in Weapon X, and that Thorton considered him his best man. Thorton tells him that he and Victor went on many missions together, and that Logan's ferocity is what made Thorton select him for the Weapon X experiment. “I'm gonna make you the weapon I designed you to be.”

The Blackbird lands outside, and Alex lets Remy and the awakened Kitty out. They thank him, but ask him to wait in the jet, just in case. They sneak inside the facility, taking down many guards on their way. Once they're in the main building, Yuriko is waiting for them. She extracts her own claws, and both Remy and Kitty rush into fighting her.

Outside, David takes a small group of men to confront Alex in his ship. David says he won't shoot if he surrenders the jet peacefully. Alex steps out, but unleashed an energy blasts that wipes out David and his entire team in one go. Alex smiles, self-satisfied, and goes back into the jet.

During the process of Thorton trying to brainwash Logan, Victor walks in. Victor is furious, saying the deal of him signing back up was that he gets to kill Logan. Thorton grins smugly, giving a sarcastic sorry to him. Victor destroys the device out of anger, which prompts Thorton to retrieve a gun. Before he can shoot, Victor lunges at him, stabbing him in the chest. As this ensues, Logan stands up, and attacks Victor from behind.

As the two duel, Logan vents his anger towards Victor, and we see flashes of Logan going back to the reserve to his Native girlfriend, whose name is revealed to be Kayla, and how Victor and David came and ruined their lives, killing Kayla. Victor then reveals he didn't remember anything because David shot him with an adamantium bullet, blurring his memory. The more Logan thinks, the more berserk he gets. But Victor is just as angry at Logan for leaving him, revealing himself to be Logan's adopted brother. Falling in love with Kayla made Logan question his role in Weapon X, which Victor and him agreed to join together. When it seems like Victor may actually have the upper hand, that he may be strong enough to counter Logan’s healing factor and deliver a fatal blow, Thorton shoots him with multiple adamantium bullets, killing him.

Thorton, bleeding out, tries to bribe Logan into letting him live by promising to give him all the answers he wants. But Logan, resenting Thorton for destroying his life, kills him, saving mutants from Weapon X’s inhumane experiments, but also taking away Logan’s only link to his past.

By now, Yuriko has been bested by Kitty and Remy, who find Logan bloodied and broken. They carry him to the Blackbird, where Alex patches him up as much as he can. He tells Logan that he needs immediate medical attention, but Logan requests they make a quick stop.

Alex lands the Blackbird at the reservation where Kayla lived, and Logan gets out. He is stopped by Proudstar,  the chief of the tribe in the area. Proudstar asks what his business is, and Logan says he wishes to visit the grave of his ex-lover. Sensing his sincerity, Proudstar escorts him to the burial ground.

When they arrive, Logan begins to reminisce about whatever he can remember of their relationship. He begins getting emotional, thanking her for making him happy, but apologizes for her death. Proudstar then speaks, referring to Kayla as “Silver Fox”, and confessing to Logan that she was his daughter. Though he is angry at Logan for his indirect role in her death, he forgives him when he sees Logan’s regret and sorrow.

Logan boards the Blackbird, and asks when they'll all be dropped home. Alex then tells them they're not going home, but to Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters. Kitty seems excited, and Remy indifferent. Logan, however, is uncomfortable with the new setting, but stays silent to avoid hurting Kitty.

When they land, Kitty looks out the window. She is in awe at the beauty of the mansion. But she notices a man standing by the landing the strip: it's her father. She runs out of the Blackbird and embraces him, and the two begin crying. She apologizes repeatedly, and he forgives her. He tells her that no matter what, he will always accept her, and that he will fight for the rights of her people if it means ensuring her safety.

Logan is medically examined by Jean Grey, who patches him up. She says she helped a bit, but his healing factor did most of the work. He thanks her, calling her “doll face". It's then that Scott Summers walks in.

“Doll face?”

Charles laughs, introducing Logan to Scott. Jean tells Logan that Scott is the leader of the X-Men, to which Logan laughs softly. “Cute. You gave your comic book club a name?”

Scott retorts. “This comic book club saved your friends’ lives, so maybe you should show some gratitude.” Logan smirks, and thanks them, but not before telling Scott he doesn't think they'll get along very well. He puts his shirt back on and goes to his new room. Jean turns away from the scene, blushing madly.

Logan sits in bed, looking down at his dog tags. He holds them tightly, shedding a tear for the life he lost, and then tosses them in the garbage, indicating a new beginning for him. Charles then pulls up to the room.



“Welcome to the family.”

Charles rolls away, closing the door with his mind, and Logan lays down. His eyes slowly close, and he finally falls asleep.

A mid-credits scene sees a blonde woman, dressed in white, standing outside of a beautiful mansion. The door opens, and Sebastian Shaw looks her up and down. He asks her name.

“Emma. Emma Frost.”

“Emma… welcome to the Hellfire Club.”

Emma walks in the door, and Shaw closes it behind her.



Luke Bracey as Logan

Brad Pitt as Victor Creed

Kiernan Shipka as Kitty Pryde

Al Pacino as Andre Thorton

Gaspard Ulliel as Remy LeBeau

Aya Ueto as Yuriko Oyama

Matt Dillon as David North

Kelsey Chow as Kayla

Glen Powell as Alex Summers/Havok

Tobias Menzies as Carmen Pryde

Gemma Jones as Carol Rice

Edward James Olmos, Wes Studi, John Hawkes, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Dylan Minnette cameo as Vargas, Proudstar, Charles Xavier/Professor X, Jean Grey/Marvel Girl, and Scott Summers/Cyclops, respectively.

In the mid-credits scene, Felicity Jones and Peter Krause cameo as Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw, respectively.


Crew and Movie Details

The Wolverine is directed by Andrew Dominik. Dominik is an Australian film director and writer, born in New Zealand. His notable fictional works include Chopper, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, and most recently, Killing Them Softly in 2012. The latter two both star Brad Pitt, who appears as Victor Creed in this film.

Penning the screenplay is the duo of David Peoples and Taylor Sheridan. Peoples has an expansive career, and has written some of the most famous films in history. This includes Blade Runner, Unforgiven, and 12 Monkeys. Sheridan is a Renaissance man, balancing acting, and directing. His screenwriting credits are for Sicario in 2015 and Hell or High Water in 2016.

The cinematographer of the film is Robert Elswit. Elswit is known for his collaborations with Paul Thomas Anderson, having worked on There Will Be Blood, Magnolia, Inherent Vice, and Boogie Nights, among others. He also contributed to George Clooney’s Good Night, and Good Luck.

The Wolverine’s score is conducted by Nicholas Britell. He has contributed music to a number of works, including 12 Years a Slave, The Big Short, and the Oscar-winning Moonlight in 2016.

All of these elements will come together to form a hybrid of Western and noirish staples, the perfect tone to be struck for a Wolverine outing. He is an inherently-dark character, and reflecting that in the most basic of movie-making​ parts like cinematography and music is important in establishing the tone pivotal to the effectiveness of the film. If the movie strives to be dark but has a crew that doesn't understand the elements in making that work for the character specifically, the film fails.

Wolverine deserves the best cinematic treatment possible, as he and the rest of the the X-Men have made immense contributions to the superhero genre. Without them, we may not have Spider-Man or The Dark Knight or The Avengers, and we certainly wouldn't have Logan.

So why do you think? Is this how you would reincorporate the Wolverine character into the series, if at all so suddenly? If not, why? And how should the fan favorite return? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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