More Alternate X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Costume Designs Revealed In Concept Art

More Alternate X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Costume Designs Revealed In Concept Art

Hit the jump to check out some alternate X-Men: First Class costume designs created by conceptual artist, Thomas Whitehouse. See a few variations of the female suit that Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) could've worn, and male suit that is inspired by motorcycle gear.

"Another quick design for a male X-suit, this time with biker gear inspiration for shapes and materials, and riot gear for padding ideas. Ultimately a bit generic for X-Men purposes, but part of around ten different variations I explored." - Thomas Whitehouse

"The first costume concept I produced, looking at space suits from the '60s for materials, detailing and ways to break up joints on the suit." - Thomas Whitehouse

"Further exploration of a possible female suit. Valves were included, as the costumes would serve as flight suits." - Thomas Whitehouse

"One of a series of concepts for the X-Men suits, created in conjunction with costume designer Sammy Sheldon. We needed to establish a basis for the design which could then be customised for each character." - Thomas Whitehouse

"Early design exploration for the MIB recreation room. Ken Adam's work was some of our reference point." - Thomas Whitehouse

"Concept to test the suitability of a location for the MIB training ground. Based on a panoramic location photo" - Thomas Whitehouse

"Early concept for the MIB complex, with '60s brutalist architecture, and separate buildings for various departments" - Thomas Whitehouse

"Early concept for the target range used by the X-Men, with a variation on style of target." - Thomas Whitehouse

"Early concept for the target range that Havok uses to practice his skills." - Thomas Whitehouse

"Azazel's sword Mudbox sculpt (Detail)" - Thomas Whitehouse

"Design for Azazel's two swords, with serated blades for lethal effect. The detailing and patina is derived from the character's persona: a devil-like character of ancient origin." - Thomas Whitehouse

"Mudbox sculpt of Azazel's sword for X-Men: First Class to explore the detailing in 3d." - Thomas Whitehouse

"Concept for X-Mansion interior, based on location photography to illustrate suitability." - Thomas Whitehouse

"Concept design for the X-Jet hangar. Background shows early design of MIB base." - Thomas Whitehouse

X-Men: Days Of Future Past will be directed by Bryan Singer ("Usual Suspects"), the cast includes Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, January Jones, Sean Cassidy, Álex González, Jason Flemyng, Zoe Kravitz, Lucas Till and Nicholas Hault. Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart are expected to join the cast as well, but deals are not yet finalized. The film will hit theaters July 18, 2014.

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