More From January Jones On X-Men:First Class

More From January Jones On <i>X-Men:First Class</i>

January Jones tell MTV that she and fellow X-Men:First Class star James McAvoy spend a lot of time staring at one another in the film.

Speaking with MTV recently, January Jones reveals that there was a great deal of staring going on between Emma and the Prof in X-Men:First Class.

"Well, I'm telepathic too. So James [McAvoy] and I just had a lot of staring at each other, trying to out-think each other. If someone has footage of that, the outtakes need to be released somewhere because it's retarded. Not in a bad way."

"Hopefully they'll show something where it's the physical aspect of what we're trying to do mentally, because it's just kind of us staring at each other for a really long time. He at least has this [places her index and middle finger against her temple in iconic Professor X pose], where I don't have anything. So maybe my powers are more honed. I don't need a thing."

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