My FOX Movie Line-Up

My FOX Movie Line-Up

Taking a break from fanfic, I give you my opinion on how FOX should do their shared universe.

As we know, FOX is planning a shared universe consisting of X-Men and Fantastic Four characters. Here is how I would plan them if I had any say in the matter.

The Fantastic Four
-Young scientists Reed Richards and Sue Storm are geniuses in their mid twenties. They make a break through discovery and are awarded a trip through space along with a +1. Sue brings her arrogant brother Johny and Reed brings his childhood best froend and recently discharged Ben Grimm. Reed and Sue's friend/rival Victor Von Doom bribes his way intothe adventure. In space, they experience a galactic storm, and their ship crashes as it returns to Earth. The four begin to develope powers, and Ben's skin gradually becomes more rocky. Doom, jealous he has not recieved gifts, leaves for Europe. The government agency that took them to space hire them to investigate strange creatures seen in the desert. The go and disturb Mole Man, who decides now is his time to take over the surface, leading his minions to destroy humanity. He is defeated. After credit scene shows Doom in Latveria, now with electrical powers.

X-Men: Apocalypse
-Wolverine awakes in a new alternate future; one where an evil mutant known as Apocalypse went back to (event that caused DOFP), and changed time by starting a genocide on nonpowered humans. Cable, also a time travel, takes Wolverine and a few surviving X-Men to the past to stop Apocalypse. He is stopped, and Wolverine returns to the present to find a new world where the X-Men are known as heroes and a new team known as the Fantastic Four have emerged.

*The "new universe" would be a way to introduce the F4 without messing up continuity, as well as keep everything from XM:FC to The Wolv. in the timeline and maybe introduce new, comic inspired uniforms for some X-Members

-After seeing the horrors of both Apocalypse and Setinels, Cable gathers a team of mutants willing to stop threats before they start. Their first target is a scientist known as Mister Sinister, a mutant believing himself to be a Mutant Messiah. He using different DNA to create an army of perfect mutants. In the end, Sinister reveals that Cable is his creation, a combination of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, and was created to lead the army. They "kill" Sinister.

*I used Sinister's DNA work as a way to keep the Wade Wilson from Origins in continuity, and give Deadpool (who is on the team) some beef and dialogue with Sinister. Also, the DNA work will tie in to the crossover.

-Fantastic Four 2
Doom returns to sabotage the F4 and seek vengence for them stealing his work. In the end, Doom is defeated and sent back to Latveria. There, he is approached by Sinister.

Sinister grants Doom the power of Apocalypse on the condition tht Doom help him take over the world. Doom accepts as he is mad with power. The F4 are easily defeated and go find the X-Men for help.

*I saved this for 2018 to compete with Avengers 3
*Wolverine will either die or retire (giving Jackman 10 portrayals)
* A new X-Team will be formed

Movie dates unknown:
-First Class Sequel: Taking place after the past portion of DOFP. Wont interfere with main timeline

-The Wolverine Sequel: Jackman will have 10 (X1,2,3, XMOW, XMFC, TW, XMDOFP, XMA, TW2, X4) portrayals, retiring after this or X4. This would take place between the end of TW and its mid credits scene.

Well, what do y'all think?
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