50% Of THE NEW MUTANTS May Be Reshot As Fox Looks To Add Multiple New Characters

50% Of THE NEW MUTANTS May Be Reshot As Fox Looks To Add Multiple New Characters

Some additional details on the X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants delays have been revealed and it sounds like the latter is going to undergo some serious changes over the next few months...

Yesterday, we learned that X-Men: Dark Phoenix has been pushed back to February 14th, 2019 and The New Mutants is now coming even later than expected on August 2nd, 2019. This marks the second major delay for the latter project which was originally scheduled to come our way next month! 

Now, Collider may have shed some further light on what's going on and things aren't sounding good for the Josh Boone helmed release. While the movie has been testing well, it's still not "scary" enough and even though the director was reportedly happy with the cut of The New Mutants he delivered, the reshoots taking place now are even more significant and at least 50% of the movie may be reshot. 

It's also said that the studio is looking to add at least one or two new characters who are going to be present throughout the entire movie so we're not talking about the odd cameo here. Boone, meanwhile, has been having creative differences with the studio over some of these changes so it's no wonder The New Mutants has been delayed so significantly; what will become if it remains to be seen. 

In the case of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the site adds that the biggest reason for the delay
are scheduling issues with bringing key cast members back who are busy with other projects and the fact that the studio will need time to complete certain visual effects for key scenes. So, it's not all bad news! 
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