NEW MUTANTS Director Josh Boone Says "You Can Only Go Up" After X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX

NEW MUTANTS Director Josh Boone Says "You Can Only Go Up" After X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX

During a new interview, New Mutants director Josh Boone seemingly took a bit of a dig at Dark Phoenix by insinuating that his movie couldn't do any worse than the lowest-grossing X-Men installment...

After another delay thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the cinematic future of The New Mutants is once again up in the air. Early box office estimates had not been kind to the movie, but director Josh Boone remains confident that the X-Men spinoff will perform well enough... better than Dark Phoenix, at least.

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During an interview with Empire, Boone was asked if he felt any extra pressure after the critical and commercial failure of Simon Kinberg's movie.

"Look, you can only go up after Dark Phoenix," the filmmaker replied. "That's not to say anything bad about the people involved, but it was what it was. Honestly, I feel less pressure now than I did ahead of [the first slated release date]. Because we've tested our movie so many times, and audiences have loved it."

You could take that as a bit of a swipe at Dark Phoenix, but he's not wrong. Kinberg's movie was the lowest grossing installment in Fox's now defunct X-Men franchise, and the worst reviewed to boot. The movie really isn't that bad, but its reaction did suggest that fans simply wanted to see something fresh and different from these beloved Marvel characters.

Can The New Mutants deliver that? Hopefully we'll get to find out when this whole situation finally blows over.

What do you guys make of Boone's comments? Let us know in the usual place.

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