THE NEW MUTANTS Director Josh Boone Confirms End Of Production With A Demon Bear Tease

THE NEW MUTANTS Director Josh Boone Confirms End Of Production With A Demon Bear Tease

Despite being originally set to be released in 2018, work on The New Mutants has only just finished up, and director Josh Boone has now shared a tantalizing glimpse at the comic accurate Demon Bear...

The New Mutants has had something of a disastrous production, but after a number of delays, the Marvel Comics adaptation finally arrives in theaters next month. 

The reshoots Twentieth Century Fox wanted never took place, and Disney is now releasing it in its original form. Honestly, not spending that extra money was probably a smart move considering the fact that the cast is now quite a few years older than they were when they shot it, and box office estimates point to a disappointing opening weekend.

Now, Boone has confirmed that he's completely finished working on the film, and that's come with a very cool glimpse of the Demon Bear, the film's main villain. 

In the comic books, the Demon Bear was originally an entity who haunted the dreams of Danielle Moonstar, threatening that he would eventually come and kill her. It was also seemingly responsible for the deaths of her parents, and it looks like the monster will threaten her here too. 

Disney has done a good job of promoting The New Mutants, but fans are aware that Marvel Studios is planning to reboot the franchise, and that's definitely lessened interest somewhat.

Will you guys be checking it out next month?


New Mutants is officially done! We just locked the sound mix! Here with me - from left to right- The great Don Sylvester, sound editor of both The Fault in Our Stars and New Mutants. Psst! He also just won an Oscar for Ford Vs. Ferrari. Next up is editor extraordinaire Andrew Buckland, who I finished the film with me while my editors worked on The Stand. Psst! He just won an Oscar too! I’m the idiot in the middle with the hat. Next up is sound engineer David Giammarco - thrice nominated. Last, but not least is Emmy Award winning music editor Chris McGeary. It was a long road but this roaring beast is done and we can’t wait for you to see it! #newmutants #newmutantsmovie #marvel #marvelcomicsgang

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