THE NEW MUTANTS Director Josh Boone Remains Hopeful He Can Complete His Planned Trilogy

THE NEW MUTANTS Director Josh Boone Remains Hopeful He Can Complete His Planned Trilogy

The New Mutants is scheduled to finally hit theaters this August minus the reshoots Fox ordered, and director Josh Boone remains hopeful that if it succeeds, he will be able to complete his trilogy...

After directing The Fault in Our Stars, Josh Boone became one of the most highly sought after filmmakers in Hollywood, and ultimately chose to take the helm of The New Mutants for Fox. Unfortunately, he's been stuck sitting on the X-Men spinoff for years, but after Disney decided against moving forward with the reshoots Fox wanted, the "Boone Cut" will be released as he intended. 

We'll have to wait and if that turns out to be a good or bad thing, and it will be interesting to see how fans respond to the movie this August (assuming it actually makes its release date this time, of course). 

During a recent interview with SFX Magazine (via, Boone admitted that he's hoping the release of The New Mutants will open the door to him being able to complete his planned trilogy. That may be optimistic, however, especially as Marvel Studios is rebooting the X-Men

"Ultimately, after all this time, I was able to make MY New Mutants film, and I'm am proud of it," the director said. "What I'm hoping for now is that it will be successful enough so the studio will allow me to complete a trilogy. I've got it all planned out."

It's hard not to be intrigued by what that might look like, but social distancing is going to hurt the movie's box office chances in a big way. 

Time will tell, but if The New Mutants is an unexpected hit, Disney could decide to have the franchise live on in some form. Either way, things should become clearer this coming August...

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