THE NEW MUTANTS: Evidence Suggests The "Fake" Disney+ TV Spot Is, In Fact, The Real Deal

THE NEW MUTANTS: Evidence Suggests The "Fake" Disney+ TV Spot Is, In Fact, The Real Deal

Despite denials from Disney about its validity, evidence is mounting that The New Mutants TV spot confirming a Disney+ release for the long-delayed movie is, in fact, the real deal and not "fake"!

Earlier today, an Australian TV spot for The New Mutants was shared online which seemingly confirmed a September 4 debut on Disney+. Soon after, Disney denied that it was real, and many fans have since pointed out that the studio did the exact same thing when promo art for Solo: A Star Wars Story leaked. That was also dubbed "fake," and later adorned toy packaging across the globe.

That's not the only evidence to have seemingly debunked Disney's claims; as Trailer-Track Editor-in-Chief Anton Volkov points out, the TV spot includes footage which has not been seen before.

It begins with an alternate line of dialogue before a new shot of Danielle Moonstar can be seen at 00:16. Demon Bear then smashes through a wall at 00:17, while the shot of the team in rubble at 00:19 is also new, as is another glimpse of Mirage at 00:22. That's an awful lot for a "fake" TV spot, but many fans believe the Disney+ branding is what's been added after the fact.

Reddit user Rman823 notes that the fan who posted it on Reddit "just so happens to create fan trailers and use Adobe After Effects," so he could be trolling everyone with the Disney+ title cards. 

Even so, Disney also denied that Artemis Fowl was being released on their streaming platform, and we know how that turned out. If the Marvel move is being moved to Disney+, an official announcement will be made at [email protected]

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