THE NEW MUTANTS Rumored To Have Another Delay Due To Troubles Behind The Scenes; Hulu Release A Possibility

THE NEW MUTANTS Rumored To Have Another Delay Due To Troubles Behind The Scenes; Hulu Release A Possibility

For sometime, the comic book community has known Fox was struggling with THE NEW MUTANTS director Josh Boone over the direction of the film. With the merger looming, Fox is scrambling to find a solution.

The New Mutants has been a strange case for Fox. In what is currently slated to be the final Fox-Marvel film to ever hit the big screen, the film was initially intended to be the first in a trilogy. After several delays and talks of reshoots, Fox is still struggling with director Josh Boone on the tone of the film, an arguement that has been occurring since pre-production. The lastest rumors suggest that the film might not even hit the big screen after all.

According to Scott Bechtel of Merc with a Podcast, Fox is looking to delay the theatrical release of The New Mutants to early November. Furthermore, they are also thinking of delivering the film straight to Hulu in October instead. Nevertheless, both possibilities are in the air while Josh Boone and Fox struggle in agreeing about the film's tone.

Interestingly, the film's reshoots never happened, and if they did, they would have been overseen by Dark Phoenix's Simon Kinberg. It is worth noting that the last film Kinberg managed reshoots on was Josh Trank's Fantastic Four. According to Omega Underground's Thomas Polito, Kinberg was not happy with what Boone had delivered.

Back in the fall it was indicated that The New Mutants reshoots would have made the tone more horror-esque, but right now Boone and Fox are disagreeing on how horror influenced it should be. Back during production Boone felt he was being restricted from filming the horror film that he wanted, with Fox pushing for a soft and accessible thriller. But now that Boone is satisfied with the horror centric cut he had made, Fox is now trying to force even more scary elements into the film. Cuts being thrown around the studio have ranged from a PG-13 Blumhouse-esque film to the crazy heights of Ari Aster's Hereditary.

Josh Boone has expressed his love for the characters and the potential of New Mutants several times when he got the gig. The creative clearly has the passion and the vision he wants to execute. Hopefully Fox trusts their director. I'd rather see a Boone cut on Hulu than a studio-directed New Mutants in theaters. 
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