THE NEW MUTANTS Spoiler Stills Reveal A Closer Look At Demon Bear, Limbo, And Monstrous Villains

THE NEW MUTANTS <font color=red>Spoiler</font> Stills Reveal A Closer Look At Demon Bear, Limbo, And Monstrous Villains

With The New Mutants once again undated, some spoiler stills have found their way online which reveal some key moments from Josh Boone's Marvel Comics adaptation. Check them out after the jump!

The New Mutants still has no release date, and at this stage it feels like Disney would be better off sending the movie straight to VOD platforms. Unfortunately, an existing deal between the now Disney-owned Fox and HBO means it likely won't premiere on Disney+, and with the 2020/2021 theatrical release schedule looking crowded, putting the Marvel Comics movie on the big screen could be a disaster.

Regardless, thanks to some newly revealed stills (via @NewMutantsUp), we have a potentially spoilery look at what's to come in the film... when/if we eventually get to check it out, that is! 

From Limbo to Demon Bear, and a truly horrifying monster that looks like it's stepped straight out of any number of horror movies, there are some great shots here. There's a risk that one even sheds some light on The New Mutants' ending, and you can see that and more in the gallery below.

To take a look at the images, all you guys need to do is click on the "Next" button!


Limbo isn't somewhere we necessarily expected to see in The New Mutants, but Magik is clearly going to spend some time there (which begs the question of why she doesn't just escape from this hospital the young heroes are being kept in). 

It's in this mystical realm she will be coming face to face with Demon Bear as you'll see later in this post!


Dani Moonstar is who Demon Bear really wants, of course, and she comes face to face with the monster in this shot. 

In the comic books, the bear a spectre who has been pursuing her family for a long time, and it will be interesting to see how much of the history between Dani and Demon Bear is lifted from the comics. 


How epic is this shot? Something tells us that it will be Magik who ultimately saves the day by drawing Demom Bear into Limbo, defeating it, and trapping the monster there permanently. 

Of course, that potentially opens the door to it escaping to haunt the team somewhere down the line. 


In footage from The New Mutants, we've seen a villain stalking the heroes through the hospital wearing a mask with a creepy smiley face on the front. However, what's beneath it is even more horrifying. 

As far as we're aware, this isn't a character from the comic books, but director Josh Boone clearly wanted to push the boundaries of PG-13 with imagery like this.


Scary, right? Like a creation of Demon Bear made to torment these heroic mutants, it gives the team someone to fight in the hospital and definitely leans into the film's horror elements. 

It's surprising that a character from the comic books wasn't used, but this looks like a cool baddie!

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