Patrick Stewart On Star Trek 2 And X-Men: First Class

Patrick Stewart On Star Trek 2 And X-Men: First Class

Patrick Stewart On <em>Star Trek 2</em> And <em>X-Men: First Class</em>

In an interview with Trekmovie, the man most famous for portraying Captain Picard in Star Trek TNG and Charles Xavier In the X-Men movies talks about his future in both franchises...

We know with JJ Abrahm's new Trek movie that the timeline was altered and we now essentially have a brand new playing field. But even at that, the events of TNG are...well, a generation away from Kirk, Spock and co. But, with time travel featuring heavily in the last movie, its not impossible that Picard's shiny head could make an appearance. Patrick Stewart would certainly like him to!

When Trekmovie asked him what he thought about the new movie, he said that he really liked the work that Leonard Nimoy did in the film and then offered the following without being asked about it..

"If I was asked to do a guest role, like Leonard, in the new film, I would do that. They’re a fabulously talented group of individuals."

The guys at Trekmovie then noted that Stewart represents the fourth Trek captain to express interest in appearing in the Star Trek sequel. William Shatner has made his desire clear, and in recent interviews with TrekMovie, both Kate Mulgrew(Voyager) and Scott Bakula(Enterprise) said they were interested. Avery Brooks(Deep Space Nine) has not spoken about the Abrams films yet, but did recently say he would be interested in doing a DS9 movie.

Stewart then went on to talk about the X-Men movies. According to him, working on X-Men with Sir Ian McKellen was "one of the best and most fun experiences" he has ever had, and that it was "the best job in the world" because every day he got to go to makeup and say good morning and give a kiss on the cheek to Halle Berry, Rebecca Romijn, Famke Janssen and Anna Paquin (and even Hugh Jackman). As for the future of X-Men, Stewart talked about the upcoming First Class film (joking they were going to hire 8-year olds), but he doesn’t expect to be involved. However, Stewart did note that "working with Ian again would be wonderful."

In other non CBM related news, it looks like Stewart could be reuniting with Tom Hardy(Star Trek Nemesis' Shinzon) in Mad Max: Fury Road! Nothing has been confirmed, but we know that he is going to be in Australia soon to "film a movie with George Miller." Apparently that could be The Odyssey or Max. Stewart would seem to fit into The Odyssey more to me, but who knows.

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