Patrick Stewart Reveals His Favourite Moment Playing Professor X!

Patrick Stewart Reveals His Favourite Moment Playing Professor X!

The actor jokingly recalls a favourite scene of his back when he played Professor Charles Xavier that ended up being left on the cutting room floor and briefly shares his thoughts on James McAvoy...

In an interview with Geoff Boucher from The Los Angeles Times: Hero Complex, the actor revealed that he has only one regret about his time with the X-Men franchise. And it's that his favourite scene ended up being cut from one of the movies!

"The best thing I ever did got cut out of one of them. I had to get Xavier’s wheelchair into this elevator and it was just an inch wider than the chair. I worked on it and worked on it; I got to the point that I could zoom right — whoosh – and spin on that wheel and be facing the camera. It was brilliant. It was probably the best scene of my career. It didn’t make it in."

"I’m not joking about that!"

When he was quizzed about what it's like to see young actor James McAvoy taking over the role of Professor X, Stewart joked that he had no idea, but soon got a little more serious, showing that he's clearly happy with Matthew Vaughn's choice:

He is? He’s doing it? I had no idea! I must say that it is nice to see a role that you created go forward with someone you admire."

X-Men: First Class is set to be released on June 3, later this year!

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