Patrick Stewart Wants To Make More X Men Movies

Patrick Stewart Wants To Make More <em>X Men</em> Movies

Apparently the man who portrayed Charles Xavier looks forward to reprising the role. He also speaks about his role in the Star Trek movie franchise...

At a Dragon Con(thanks Betty) in Atlanta on Saturday, Patrick Stewart answered questions on whether we would be seeing him in future X movies, or maybe in the reinvented Star Trek movie series.

As we know, Stewart recently appeared as a younger Xavier in X Men Origins : Wolverine but he seems to be interested in appearing in future mutant centric movies in the future. While working on an adaptation of Waiting For Godot with Ian McKellen, he says the two of them agreed that they would love to further explore the relationship between Magneto and Xavier.

Asked about Star Trek he said he thought the new movie was "terrific", but that he did not see a large role for Jean Luc-Picard to play in the movies rebooted timeline. He did say he would do a cameo in a future movie.

Thanks to Worstpreviews for the info.
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