POLL: Which X-Men Character Has Been Represented Best Onscreen?

POLL: Which <i>X-Men</i> Character Has Been Represented Best Onscreen?

We have seen some great actors give life to our favorite X-Men characters over the course of 5 movies from Fox, and some not so great. But who stands out to you as delivering the best interpretation of the character they played?

We all want to see our favorite comic characters done justice to. And imo more often than not they are, even if the movie around them isn't up to scratch. The X-Men have long been considered the most popular team in Marvel history and I think a lot of fine actors have done great jobs in bringing them to the screen. That's not to say there haven't been a few duds too of course. But who stands out in your mind as being the best?

There are a few factors you might consider when deciding. Obviously the actors overall performance is important but was the character represented as well as it could be when taking the comics into account? Some leeway is always needed when adapting anything for the screen but who maintained the essence of the original character best to you?

Now obviously I haven't covered EVERY character that has appeared in these movies. For example I don't think anyone would argue that the likes of Brian Cox as William Stryker was a good interpretation of that character, or others that barely say a single word like Riptide, Lady Deathstrike or Colossus etc. Still I may have missed out on someone so be sure to let me know in the comments section.

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