See What Deadpool Could Have Looked Like In X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE

See What Deadpool Could Have Looked Like In X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE

Logan's first solo flick was not exactly popular with most fans, but one element that had to piss EVERYONE off was the treatment of The Merc With A Mouth. Now we have this vid from Amalgamated Studios featuring 82 variations on the character, some of which are a bit closer to his comic look..

Most agree that Ryan Reynolds made for a fine Wade Wilson, but Deadpool (or "Weapon X1") was a very different story. Characters being altered for adaptation purposes is to be expected, but the mute, sword-armed, teleporting...thing we ended up with was just a joke. Well, things might have been different as the following vid from Amalgamated Studios - one of the visual effect companies behind X-Men Origins: Wolverine - shows..

"Here, in quick succession, are 82 variations on Deadpool. It was our job to satisfy the many creative voices on the show, from director Gavin Hood to the Producers and Studio, so we generated a huge selection of artwork from complete direction changes to subtle variations like tweaks to eye color. This is why having a design phase at the start of preproduction is so valuable. We'll never satisfy everyone with a design, but an exploratory like this lets us consider the options."

None of the alternate designs are MUCH closer to his comic look, but some are slightly better than what we ended up with at least. Which do you guys think would have worked best?

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