(Spoilers Ahead) Just what changes will Wolverine face in "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and future X-Men films?

(Spoilers Ahead) Just what changes will Wolverine face in "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and future X-Men films?

By the end of this summer's comic book movie "The Wolverine" we have seen Logan undergo a drastic change which may effect his key characteristics we all know him from. But just what will this drastic change bring for Wolverine in future X-Men films including Days of Future Past?

Hey folks, just your average basic user "TheBlackWolverine" giving my insight on just what may lie ahead for Logan in the future X-Men films we're set to see. I also want to point out some minor changes I honestly believe Fox Studios will make further down the line in regards to Wolverine's son Daken.

I'll just jump straight to the interesting stuff instead of dragging you along an article with stuff you've already seen since I since I did warn you all this is a spoiler related article.

By the end of the Wolverine we're all pretty much aware of the fact that the Silver Samurai has indeed chopped off Wolverine's Adamantium claws which has left Logan with just only his original bone claws. At first I was a bit skeptical on just how Magneto was able to stop Logan from hitting him in the Airport. For some odd reason I thought that The Silver Samurai managed to strip Logan's entire Adamantium metal from his skeleton, but after rethinking what I saw in theaters I was completely dumbfounded to know that he was almost drained completely of his mutant DNA instead.

With this being said he was not indeed fully drained as we all may know but was rather stripped of his claws, left with his adamantium skeleton and has now relapsed to having his bone claws once again.

Let's look at that Airport scene just for the heck of it...

Logan has been indeed encountered by two X-Men legends Professor X and Magneto in regards to the events that will eventually take place within next years X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Now that we're already fond of knowing that Wolverine will be the main key time traveler within DOFP we also know that the 1972 body of Logan will indeed have bone claws because of the fact that he doesn't undergo the Weapon X procedure until 1985 if I'm correct. With this being said is it possible that Logan is destined to repeat this same procedure or will Fox totally ignore the Timeline of Origins and have Wolverine already adamantium clawed up in the 70's?

After hearing that a much younger William Stryker will be introduced within the 70's time frame in DoFP is it possible that a young William Stryker will manage to brain wash Logan into joining his Weapon X program at it's earliest stage?

We may be fond of knowing the key conflict in Days of Future past however until we're set to see some actual footage of Wolverine with or without his adamantium claws only time can tell if Wolverine is destined to repeat this horrific experience.

And could this possibly lead us into another solo film for Wolverine named "Wolverine: Weapon X"???

We already know that an X-Force film is underway however it seems as if it'll have a modern feel to it than that of the past. With characters such as Cable, Colossus, Deadpool and Domino set to appear on the big screen together we also know that there is an original "five member" line-up for the film. Perhaps Wolverine will fill that final spot...

Now here's one interesting thing I thought of while viewing The Wolverine, Wolverine and Mariko did indeed get down that night in her separate home outside of the palace. So is it possibly that Fox could possibly turn around the Origins for Wolverine's son Daken and have Mariko become the mother instead of Itsu?

Only time can tell... Fox's X-Men universe is expanding by the second who knows what other surprises have yet to surface.

You can check out The Wolverine in theaters now. Enjoy one of my favorite trailers with one of the best themes I heard for it thus far. Stay powerful, stay super and stay wise my friends!

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