Stan Lee Confirms That He Has No Cameo In X-Men: First Class!

Stan Lee Confirms That He Has No Cameo In <i>X-Men: First Class</i>!

In some disappointing news, the beloved comic book creator has confirmed that he does in fact NOT have a cameo in the soon to be released X-Men: First Class and shares his thoughts on the effect this might have...

Fox have already alienated many of the hardcore X-Men fans with the changes they've seemingly made to the much loved comic book continuity in X-Men: First Class, and it looks like they've now done something else which will win them no fans. Taking to his Twitter feed, Stan Lee has revealed that he doesn't have a cameo in the movie and seemed to be pretty much in the dark about the entire thing! I know that production was rushed, but they couldn't squeeze in a cameo for the guy who created the team in the first place?

Grim news have I for my brave Brigadiers. Gird thee thy loins the better to prove that thou canst suffer the bad along with the good

It hath come to my attention that “X-Men 1st Class” shall soon be released. Thus, thou hath the good news. Now for the bad--

Incredible as it may seemeth, NO CAMEO doth appear of thy beloved Generalissimo in “X-Men 1st Class!” I pause whilst thy shock sinketh in

Mayhap ‘tis but a sly ruse to lure fans into buying TWO admissions. “How?” asketh thee. Consider thou this---

Not seeing thy leader’s cameo, fans will feel they somehow blinked at the wrong time and buy another ticket to remedy that indiscretion

So, if “X-Men 1st Class” breaketh all at6tendance records, we and we alone shall knoweth the reason why. Excelsior!

X-Men: First Class is set to be released in the UK on June 1st and in the US on June 2nd.

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