Taylor Kitsch Open To Doing A Gambit Cameo In THE WOLVERINE

Taylor Kitsch Open To Doing A Gambit Cameo In THE WOLVERINE

Taylor Kitsch has recently said that he is not open to going back to the role of Gambit, whom he played in 2009's X-Men Origins Wolverine, but in a new interview he says he would do a cameo in the newest Wolvie film if Hugh Jackman asked him.

Back while doing press for John Carter Taylor Kitsch spoke to our very own Galactus where he told him that he was done playing heroes and that there is no chance he would play Gambit again. While doing press for Battleship Kitsch seems to have changed is tune. When asked by Den Of Geek if he would like to return to the character Kitsch sait, "I would, man. I know Hugh [Jackman]’s doing Wolverine soon, so I’m not planting a seed in any way, but if he called me and wanted me to do a cameo in it or something, I’d do it". He went on to say that he is only saying he would be open to the idea and has NOT been approached for a cameo and that he doubts it will happen.

Kitsch also talked about being flattered by fan reaction about wanting him to play Gambit again calling it the best compliment you can get going on to say, "I loved playing him - he’s a suave motherfucker. He’s fun to play, man." He also said that he could see him self being 40 or 45 years old still playing and developing the character of Gambit.

The Wolverine has not started production yet, but it would be interesting to see if they do indeed invite Kitsch back for some sort of small role or cameo. Sound of your thoughts below on if you would like to see Gambit make a return in Wolverine's next film outing.

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