Did Wolverine vs The Hand Land Director Gary Shore On The Wolverine Short List?

Did  <i>Wolverine vs The Hand</i> Land Director Gary Shore  On <i>The Wolverine</i> Short List?

Has the trailer Wolverine vs The Hand placed little known director Gary Shore on the short list to direct The Wolverine? Follow the jump to give your thoughts.

Three days ago Josh Wilding reported here at CBM that FOX had eight directors on their "short list" to direct The Wolverine. As we all know, the gig was left vacant when Darren Aronofsky excused himself from the film. While there were some well known names on this "short list," Gary Shore seemed to catch peoples eye for the simple reason that they were unaware of just who he was. He was listed as primarily a commercial director.

Now, let's go all the way back to February of this year. Fellow CBM editor Comedian03 posted an article about a Wolverine trailer titled Wolverine VS The Hand that was directed by a fan/commercial director named Gary Shore. That's right, the very same Gary Shore who is now in the running for the directors gig on The Wolverine. The same Gary Shore that nobody seemed to know anything about. While this trailer/short film went relatively unnoticed back in February, I highly recommend you check it out.

Is this little film the reason Shore is being considered for the job? If so, do you think it could land him the gig? What is your opinion of the trailer?

Wolverine Vs The Hand from Gary Shore on Vimeo.

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