Hugh Jackman denies Air-Brushing on THE WOLVERINE photos

Hugh Jackman denies Air-Brushing on THE WOLVERINE photos

Hugh Jackman denies Air-Brushing on THE WOLVERINE photos

THE WOLVERINE Star Hugh Jackman discusses his two different physiques for THE WOLVERINE and LES MISERABLES and how he achieved them

Every photo released so far of Hugh Jackman from THE WOLVERINE has been shirtless and you can see why. The man looks shredded beyond belief for his latest outing, much more than in his previous four takes on the role. This is what he told Scott Pelly on 60 Minutes.
I love playing Wolverine. It's a great character but I want to be better than last time, I want to be physically in better shape (than last time), otherwise there is no point in doing it.

After these photos were released, there was immediate speculation that Jackman had a bit of post production help to look that ripped but Jackman sets the record straight, saying that it was completely his own body with no embellishment.

Jackman told Jeff Probst on his show that he had to undergo a brutal 36 hour dehydration (an old body-building trick suggested by his trainer) to achieve an emaciated look for an early scene in Les Miserables, his most critically acclaimed role for which he is widely tipped to get an Academy Award nomination. He said he used a similar technique to get the ultra-defined look for the Wolverine pic.
To get that look (referring to the Wolverine pic above), would you also dehydrate or are you able to eat some carbs?
I did dehydrate for that one as well.

How much of that is you?
That's all me man.

Its so annoying. I'm having people assume things but, its all me.

It bothers you that people think that that's been helped out?
Yeah because it was brutal getting there and by the way I asked the company if they could (help me out). You are spending millions on special effects, just help me out, I wanna eat pizza, drink beer and they said no. Anyway, for that kind of a body, I had to go up in weight. Big, life big and heavy then strip down so that's another whole (regimen).

Hugh Jackman's emaciated look for Les Miserables.

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