Hugh Jackman Discusses What Take We Should Expect Of The Character In The Wolverine!

Hugh Jackman Discusses What Take We Should Expect Of The Character In <em>The Wolverine</em>!

In yet another interview, the actor who plays the canadian mutant, talks a little bit more about what expect from the character, and says that this is not his next movie.

Now in a interview with Collider while promoting Real Steel, actor Hugh Jackman says that he won't be filming The Wolverine next, and what take we should expect from the character on the movie:

No, Les Miserables. Tom Hooper is directing that. That’s going to be at the beginning of next year. Before that, I’m doing a one-man show on Broadway, and then Wolverine. So, it’s an eclectic year.

Jackman response to when asked if he was doing The Wolverine next.

I think we’ve really nailed down that character. I think the audience and myself and the writers were like, “Enough of the [missing] memory with "Who am I? What happened in my past?". I think we’ve explored that a lot. Now, it’s this great backdrop of Japan, which is going to be fantastic for this character. It’s a very rich source material with the comic book. And, there’s more ladies in this movie, which is a nice change from the last one. It was very testosterone heavy.

He said when asked if there are any aspects of Wolverine that he didn't explored in the previous movies and that he wants to explore this time.

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