Hugh Jackman On His Wolverine Diet And X-Men: First Class!

Hugh Jackman On His Wolverine Diet And <i>X-Men: First Class</i>!

The actor talks about the rather unpleasant way in which he's lost his Wolverine physique, reveals whether he's keeping the strict diet going and shares his thoughts on X-Men: First Class...

In a humorous video interview talking about Reel Steel, with NBC Washington, the actor was quizzed about both his strict diet for The Wolverine and what he thinks about X-Men: First Class. To view that video, be sure to follow the link at the bottom of the page, but here is my transcript of that interview.

You're a little bit leaner than the last time I saw you when you were training for The Wolverine.

You don't want to know why. Let's just say it's something to do with a bug. It was not a very pretty ride home!

Are you going to bulk back up again?

I'm staying in the ballpark. I'm not sure if I can eat 29 chicken breasts a day without a director attached, but I'm staying in the ballpark.

I interviewed Chris Hemsworth yesterday for Thor, and I said did you do the Hugh Jackman diet, and he knew exactly what I was talking about.

Did he really? Please don't give that to me! It is actually the Dwayne Johnson diet. I rang him and said, 'What do I do?' because I saw what he did for the movie Faster. That's where it comes from.

What do you think about X-Men: First Class?

The trailer looks great. I'm just a fan of that movie like you guys. I'm not involved with the movie. It's a great cast, and I hear really, really good things.

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