Hugh Jackman Praises The Wolverine Director; Comments On First Class Cameo!

Hugh Jackman Praises <I>The Wolverine</i> Director; Comments On <I>First Class</i> Cameo!

The actor behind Wolverine in the X-Men films praises director James Mangold (who will helm The Wolverine), as well as briefly discussing his cameo in X-Men: First Class...

Speaking to MTV, Hugh Jackman - best known for his role as Logan/Wolverine in the X-Men film franchise - praised the recently-selected director of his next venture as The Wolverine, James Mangold (best known for 3:10 To Yuma), saying that his take on the script 'was the strongest' of the directors who were considered. He goes on to confirm that the film will still keep the title The Wolverine, as well as saying that he 'loved' doing his infamous cameo in the latest X-film, X-Men: First Class.

On choosing James Mangold as the director of The Wolverine...
There were a number of directors who wanted to do this because we have the best script yet, but his take was the strongest. He’s phenomenal, he’s going to really knock this one out of the park.

On retaining the name after original director Darren Aronofsky left...
Darren wanted to call it The Wolverine and I want to keep that, because to me this is going to feel like The Wolverine This is the one that in 20 years time I want to say, ‘Check this out.’

On his cameo in X-Men: First Class...
I loved doing that cameo. It was the easiest line learning I’ve had.

The Wolverine is set to hit theaters sometime in 2012!
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