IMDB Adds Two Characters to The Wolverine Movie!

IMDB Adds Two Characters to <em>The Wolverine</em> Movie!

So I did some digging around on IMDB & found out 2 characters who are gonna be playing (important?) roles in The Wolverine!

James Mangold becoming director for The Wolverine & the film now being slated to go oon the floors by October this year (for a 2012 release) is old news right? But wait till you get a load of this! I did some digging up of my own & got some cool info about the movie!

Seems like we are gonna be seeing Yuriko Oyama (aka Lady Deathstrike) in action once again in The Wolverine! Kelly Hu is now part of the cast, returning as the character she played in 2003's X2. Perhaps this will chalk out more of her origins & this time she better not be brainwashed lol! Some more character development wouldn't hurt...And I do hope her costume resembles (or is at least inspired by) her comicbook costume! It would be pretty cool if they decide to go the X-Men First Class route & try to be more faithful to the original costumes. :D

Also newly added is a new character (to the X-movie fans at least) from the X-Men canon. Naturi Naughton (Fame, The Playboy Club to-be-aired TV series) plays the reluctant X-Man, Cecilia Reyes. As we all know, she was forced into the X-Men by circumstance, albeit for a short time. A doctor by profession, she has the power to create a force field around her. Unlike Yuriko who is very much related to Wolverine's story in the comics, Reyes really isn't.

Her only distant connection to the whole Logan saga is that she was once a prisoner at the mutant concentration camp called Neverland, run by Weapon X (that was responsible for creating Wolverine). Here she used her medical expertise to help the other prisoners out there. Hmmm, so another convoluted timeline out here as in the last Wolverine movie?! (Gambit & Emma Frost anyone??)

To read more & for HQ pics check out the link below!

What do y'all think guys?? Happy with the inclusions or not? Sound off below!
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