Leaked Image Suggests The Next WOLVERINE Movie May Indeed Be Rated R

Leaked Image Suggests The Next WOLVERINE Movie May Indeed Be Rated R

An image from a booklet handed out by Fox at this year's Toy Fair plainly states that the "anticipated rating" for James Mangold's next solo Wolverine flick is an R. Take a look...

After the phenomenal success of Fox's R-rated Deadpool movie, many predicted that the studio might also go with the more adult rating for their next solo Wolverine outing, and if the leaked image below is anything to go by they'd be spot on. Special thanks to RayChaos for the sharing the image!

Apparently the pic comes from a pamphlet that was handed out to guests at Fox's Toy Fair presentation, and although it doesn't confirm the film will be rated R, it certainly suggests they're strongly considering it.

Wolverine 3
Though many fans would be very happy with this, it still seems like a slightly odd move, because the character has already been established in a PG-13 continuity and has amassed a legion of young fans that would not be able to see his latest adventure if it was rated R.

Anyway, we'll see how it all shakes out. The Wolverine seque will be Hugh Jackman's last turn in the claws, and is set for release March 3, 2017.
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