What's Next For The "X-Men" Movies?

What's Next For The "X-Men" Movies?

According to Fox, the answer is whatever makes the most money!

Superherohype.com is reporting that they have interviewed David Goyer, who is attached to write and direct "Magneto", but he's not sure if that will move forward before "X-Men: First Class.".

"There have been some preliminary discussions (about a Magneto film)," he said, adding, "I think, at Fox, they're trying to decide if making a young X-Men film makes the most sense(read: money) next, does making a 'Magneto' make the most sense(read: money) next. They're just trying to decide internally who's next up."

Am I wrong in thinking that most comic fans have little to no interest in seeing origin stories of Magneto and X Men? I mean we know them! Who doesnt frakking know them! Sure there will be a few fans of the previous movies that never read a comic in their life, but even at that, I find it hard to believe they wouldnt know the origins of these characters that were basically spelled out in the other movies anyway! Add to that the fact that Fox will almost certainly throw the original "First Class" out the window and use the teeny characters established in the other films and you have a resounding WHATS THE POINT?!

Maybe there's the off chance that these prequels will stick more to the comics and possibly "reboot" the origins... but how likely is that?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine pulled in $356.2 million worldwide, and both a sequel and Deadpool spin-off are in the works. It's not too much of a stretch to see that Fox know they now have a "prequel" cash cow on their hands. Well I say screw that, lets see a movie set after the events of The Last Stand, I dont care if they have to adapt the great stories that are out there accordingly to fit in with the established movie world..i just want to see PROGRESS.

I'm not saying I dont want to see a Deadpool or a kiddie X movie, I just want to see better, bigger, stories tackled first.
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