Why we need a new X-Men Animated Series more than ever

Why we need a new X-Men Animated Series more than ever

A short insight into why we need a new X-Men animated series, and how now is the right time for both Marvel and Fox to get it rolling

It’s a chilly Saturday today, and I sit here reminiscing about the younger years. I remember waking up and getting a hearty breakfast made so I could sit down and watch my favourite cartoon X-Men the Animated Series. Along with Batman these two are the best two animated series to grace the small screen. The producers truly got the characters and recreated classic stories which were aptly adapted for television. And sure years later we got Evolution and the short lived Wolverine and the X-Men but they never really measured up.

Fox’s cinematic X-Men have quite a divided audience. Personally I fall on the side that enjoys it. For me the movies are good movies that happen to star alternate versions of my favourite superhero team. I get that others feel they have been bastardized. Singer has taken liberties…to say the least. But even in perfect world we would never get the version we really crave for. I once wrote here a possible solution to fix the timeline and give us the Age of Apocalypse. In retrospect I feel I may have had too much caffeine that day, as such a dream is all that it can be.

But that’s why we need a new animated series. Each season focusing and adapting a key crossover story. There are so many stories to tell from Onslaught to AoA .

I am not sure what the parameters are between Marvel and Fox but surely a cartoon can only help them both. With the comic relaunched and the strong tv offerings, there has never been a better time. Marvel could also reap in major cash with all the toy sales. But again I don’t know what the nature of their current relationship status is. Having Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart voicing Magneto and Professor X respectively with be icing,

The X-Men have such a rich history, most of which is wasted it poor renditions in the movies. In the animated world they can break free of the shackles of Hollywood’s watered down semantics.  They need the unbridled world to be the heroes we all know and love. But this is all wishful thinking, Just another fanboys dream that will never come to fruition, but then again… “Any dream worth having, is worth fighting for”
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