Why X-Men: First Class May Be More Comic-Accurate Than We Thought!

Why <i>X-Men: First Class</i> May Be More Comic-Accurate Than We Thought!

Yeah that's right fox didn't TOTALLY screw up.

Hey guys let me get to the basics. I'm aware it's not the first class and I know the movie continuity is screwed up but I don't care. I'm here to discuss the accuracy of the movie not the franchise.

While sifting through my updated version of the marvel encylopedia looking up the X-Men (I saw the movie Friday so I'm still giddy over it) I noticed that what some "die hard X-men fans overlooked.

1. It turns out that the whole CIA recruiting the team IS accurate. The only changes is that it's the FBI in the comics and it's not to fight the hellfire club; just find mutants.

2. Also, in the film the Prof. finds mutants using an early cerebro...which was also done in the comics BY THE GOVERNMENT!

3. The man in black in the film was in the comics, by the name of Duncan, and helped the professor.

4. This isn't a big surprise but in the comics the Prof. was the foremost authority in mutations; which was also utilized in First Class.

5. Now some people stated that the Hellfire Club wasn't portrayed correctly. Acctually it was. Minus the 18th century feel it served its purpose which was to tailor to high-end people and let them flaunt their deepest desires while the inner circle plots against humans through government.

Now I hope I informed some people and if anyone knew this already don't put an obnoxious comment because I don't care. I did this to inform not offend or bore so on that note I hope you had a good read and check the reviews for my latest Avengers: EMH review! MARVELFREEK OUT!!!
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