Willow To Appear In X-Men: First Class?

Willow To Appear In <em>X-Men: First Class</em>?

As we know, surfer Erica Hosseini auditioned for a part in Mathew Vaughan's upcoming X prequel. In an interview over at Straight 2 DVD, she reveals what role she was up for..

After reading on our very own comicbookmovie.com I contacted Erica directly to find out some more about her "X-Men: First Class" audition.
What I found was something incredible!

The part which will interest you guys is what Erica writes here:

Q:According to your twitter account, and www.comicbookmovie.com/ you're auditioning for a movie role in Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class. What can you tell us about that?

-Yeah, I just went in for a reading for the new XMEN Movie: First Class... I was extremely nervous and reading my lines the best I could. But I have absolutely no acting experience. I really hope that I get a call back, but I'm not holding my breath.

Q:Can you give us any details as to the role you are auditioning for?

-I was auditioning for a role named Willow (hopefully I don't get in trouble for blabbing details on the off-chance that I get it). It's a role similar to Mystique from what I understand. Potentially lots of body paint, so that would be really fun.

Willow is a fairly obscure mutant that appeared in Marvel's X-Nation 2099 run. She had shapeshifting powers, much like Mystique, but when mimicking others her facial markings would remain.

From good ol Wikkipedia!..

In the year 2099, a young girl named Winter Frost, like many teenagers, got a job at a local amusement park. But Million Palms Amusement Park wasn't like others, it actually had a king and a queen who presided over it. One day Queen Perigrine disappeared, and they found her body at the bottom of the Tunnel of Love. After that day, King Avian began to be suspicious of everyone and required genetic scans of all incoming tourist before they could enter. Anyone with genetic anomalies was imprisoned in an underground labyrinth and subjected to many tests and acts of torture.
Winter was discovered to be a mutant and was imprisoned like many others. Among the inmates was a tormented girl named Willow who seemed about to die. The two girls became friends, but then Willow was taken away again by Avian. Winter tried to escape to save her friend, but didn't get far before she was discovered. For her actions she was sentenced to public execution. When she was taken to be executed, she saw that the king and queen were presiding over it. However, the queen looked different, having the same marks on her face that Willow had. In fact it was Willow—a mutant shapeshifter—and the young girl orchestrated their escape from the facility.
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