DEADPOOL Creator Rob Liefeld Refuses To Believe Hugh Jackman Won't Make WOLVERINE Return In The MCU

DEADPOOL Creator Rob Liefeld Refuses To Believe Hugh Jackman Won't Make WOLVERINE Return In The MCU

After starring in 2017's Logan, Hugh Jackman has insisted that his time as Wolverine has reached its end. However, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld simply isn't buying it. Find out more details right here...

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld is outspoken at the best of times, and the legendary comic book writer and artist has now shared some very interesting thoughts on Wolverine's Marvel Cinematic Universe future.

In 2017, Hugh Jackman walked away from the role of Wolverine after starring in Logan, and he's insisted on a number of occasions that his time as the character has now reached its end. That's certainly disappointing for fans who wanted to see his take on the clawed mutant in the MCU, but Liefeld seems confident it will eventually happen. 

"I'm stuck on Hugh Jackman," he explained during a recent interview with Inverse. "Having met Hugh, having loved Hugh, there is only Deadpool because of Wolverine...I was doing Deadpool [in the comics] to get to Wolverine. Wolverine was always the goal. I can't answer the question on Wolverine, I'm stuck on Hugh Jackman. I hope to God he comes back, I do."

"He's been seriously firm that he's not going to be Wolverine, and I foolishly don't believe him."

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has pushed for Jackman to reprise the role, but it seems the Australian actor is instead far more interested in pursuing new projects moving forward. 

With that in mind, we'll probably get to see a new Wolverine in the MCU, and there are a lot of exciting possibilities on that front. To see who we would choose, hit the "Next" button below!

10. Aldis Hodge - Magneto


Aldis Hodge has impressed in the likes of Black Mirror and The Invisible Man, and it definitely feels like his big break is fast approaching. With that in mind, a major superhero role feels like an inevitability, so why not give him a shot at playing the MCU's Master of Magnetism? 

Unfortunately, the concept of Magneto being a Holocaust survivor no longer works (unless you'd like a geriatric version of the villain), so why not use an Erik who has faced a different sort of prejudice?

This would be far more in-keeping with today's world and the themes in an X-Men movie, and we think it would be awesome to see Hodge initially playing a heroic Magneto before giving in to his darker impulses and embracing his future as a foe to Professor X and his team.

9. Bryan Cranston - Mister Sinister


Bray Cranston is one of the best actors working on the planet today, and he's expressed interest in playing Mister Sinister a number of times in the past. Honestly, we can't think of anyone better, and it's not even remotely hard to imagine him playing one of the X-Men's most unique bad guys. 

While we would be interested in seeing a heroic Magneto who helps lead the X-Men, this is a franchise in desperate need of a new villain, and Mister Sinister definitely fits the bill in that sense. There's so much he could bring to the table (particularly in regards to exploring the genetics of mutants), and while we want a rebooted Apocalypse, for example, lets do something new first.

However, he definitely needs to be played by Cranston because he really would do the character justice.

8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Professor X


Go and Google "Joseph Gordon-Levitt Bald" and we think you'll agree he would make a pretty good Professor X! Appearances aside, though, and there's a lot The Dark Knight Rises star could bring to the table as the leader of this team of mutants. He's incredibly talented, and someone who could bring new ideas to the table after James McAvoy's memorable run. 

However, whereas the Scottish actor had to impersonate what had come before to some extent, Levitt could make the character his own (and bear in mind Charles Xavier is supposed to be American). 

In some ways, it's tempting to say that maybe this reboot should move on from Professor X altogether, but a new, younger version could help ensure he remains a vital part of this franchise in the MCU.

7. Jon Bernthal - Wolverine


As you'll soon see, we've gone a little younger when it comes to the rest of the X-Men, but Wolverine definitely shouldn't be a guy in his twenties. Instead, he needs a little experience under his belt, and Jon Bernthal is the right choice of actor to bring that baggage to the table, while also putting his own stamp on a character who Hugh Jackman once made entirely his own. 

Visually, he's perfect for the role, and at 5ft,11" he's pretty much the right size for the hero as well. 

Oh, and we know what you're thinking: how can The Punisher play Wolverine? At this point, it would be naive to think that Marvel Studios is going to bring The Defenders into the MCU, so giving this talented actor the chance to play a totally different superhero badass just makes sense.

6. Coco Jones - Storm


Despite being perhaps best known for her work as a singer, Coco Kones has also landed a few memorable acting gigs over the years, including Good Luck Charlie and Five Points. Landing a role like this could be the making of her, and we're confident she has the acting chops to pull it off. 

We've now seen a couple of different takes on Storm, and neither really did the comics justice. 

Halle Berry was only ever okay, while Alexandra Shipp was largely forgettable (that can mostly be blamed on the material she was given to work with in fairness). A younger Storm would be better at this point too because it means her origin story could be explored to some extent, and it would be no bad thing for Marvel Studios to tie her to Wakanda in some way, shape, or form!

5. Dev Patel - Angel


X-Men: The Last Stand took Angel down the body horror route, while X-Men: Apocalypse...well, that movie just made him a generic villain who fell under En Sabah Nur's spell. That's frustrating because the character has so much potential, and a quality actor is definitely essential for his MCU debut. 

Something tells us that Dev Patel (who seems to excel regardless of whether it's in The Personal History of David Copperfield, Chappie, or The Newsroom) would excel as the spoiled rich kid Warren Worthington III who is eventually put through the wringer and takes on the moniker of Archangel. 

Marvel Studios would be wise to snatch Patel up and make Angel a lead character in this reboot. 

4. Daniel Radcliffe - Beast


For reasons entirely beyond our comprehension, there are some fans who would like to see Daniel Radcliffe (yes, the same Daniel Radcliffe who played Harry Potter once upon a time) star in the MCU as Wolverine. It's a terrible casting suggestion, and there's an X-Man much better suited to the actor. 

In recent years, Radcliffe has completely re-invented himself as an actor who takes on all manner of quirky, memorable roles, and we're sure he could have a lot of fun as the human Hank McCoy.

However, perhaps even better than that would be to see him as a mo-cap version of Beast, and given how unique his work as been since moving on from the Boy Who Lived, we're sure he would make every bit as significant an impact with that sort of role as Mark Ruffalo has as The Hulk. 

3. Joe Keery - Iceman


Iceman was barely recognisable in those early X-Men movies and, in fairness to Brett Ratner, it wasn't until The Last Stand we got to see a comic accurate version of the hero (however, he still spent far too much time pining after Rogue for our liking in that poorly received threequel). 

The problem is, Shawn Ashmore didn't really give Bobby Drake much of a personality, but we're confident Stranger Things star Joe Keery could make up for that with a far more memorable Iceman. 

He has that fun-loving, sharp-witted side a character like this needs, and looks the part to boot. There's a lot of potential in Iceman, and the right actor is necessary to ensure he shines on screen.

2. Emma Watson - Jean Grey


Yes, we are indeed suggesting a Harry Potter reunion in Marvel Studios' X-Men (sorry, Ron). There have been rumblings in the past that the studio is keen to work with Emma Watson, and with a properly fleshed out version of Jean Grey who helps lead the X-Men - rather than falling victim to the Phoenix Force - we're sure that the talented British actress would agree to join the MCU.

Watson is a true force to be reckoned with on screen, and while we're not overly desperate to see more Dark Phoenix after Fox's failed attempts, she has the ability to property depict that on film. 

Jean Grey definitely deserves another chance on screen, but if Kevin Feige and company are reluctant to head down that route, could Watson possible play Emma Frost instead? It could work! 

1. Ansel Elgort - Cyclops


Ansel Elgort delivered an unbelievable, unforgettable performance in Baby Driver, and since moving on from the Divergent franchise, he's never really failed to impress. If he's willing to try another big budget franchise, then we're pretty sure that Scott Summers would be a perfect fit for him. 

We're done seeing a Cyclops who is the butt of Wolverine's jokes or pining after Jean Grey, and it's about time we get to see a version of the character who is a true leader of the X-Men. 

The actor has an edge to him which Cyclops needs to help him stand out in this team, and while Tye Sheridan did his best with what he was given, we think Elgort could deliver the version we've been waiting for (while bringing some much-needed complexity to the hero). 

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