X-Men: First Class Blu-Ray Issue/How to Fix it

X-Men: First Class Blu-Ray Issue/How to Fix it

Here is how to resolve a problem on PS3 when you watch X-Men First Class on Blu-Ray...

For those of us who bought the X-Men FC blu-ray you may have some issues watching it. Alot of people are complaining that all the web based features are slowing down the player and making the movie very choppy. I experienced this last night. I used a PS 3(slim) to watch the disc. I was about to return it today until I saw a post in which some laid out step by step instructions on what to do. Here are the instructions and site. If you run into this problem hope this helps. I am going to try it today when I get home and see if it works on mine. If it does I will update this.

I was having the same problem last night, first it wouldn’t play, then I tweaked some stuff and got it to play but skip a lot, and then I finally got it to work beautifully. Below are the steps on what I did.

1. Turn off the internet connection.

2. Erase all files in the BD Temp folder

3. Erase the X-Men First Class file under the data tree

4. Restart your PS3 with no disc in

5. Put in the movie and be happy that it actually works and looks vunderbar

www.bradfordtaylor.com/.../x-men-first-class-blu-ray-issues-on-ps3-magneto-to-blame/ -
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