X-Men: First Class Opening Scene Details

X-Men: First Class Opening Scene Details

<i>X-Men: First Class</i> Opening Scene Details

As usual, SPOILER WARNING. But if you don't mind knowing how Mathew Vaughn's movie will open, read on. Plus, the director comments on those hideous poster that were released a while back..

Want one more spoilerfic scene description from Empire? Course ya do! This time the magazine details what happens in the opening scene of the movie. As we already knew, it begins with a flashback to Auschwitz, and a recreation of the young Magneto scene from the first X-Men. But we also learn about what's going on with the young Xavier, and get confirmation that Sebastian Shaw(Kevin Bacon) is a part of Magneto's origins..

"It starts with the recreation of the bold young-Magneto-at-Auschwitz scene that opened Singer's X-Men back in 2000, progressing to an introduction to Xavier as a child, discovering a young, homeless and shapeshifting Mystique rooting around his kitchen for food, and then heads back to Auschwitz for a raw, intense segment in which Shaw(played by Bacon with grey hair and a creepy tache) coerces a young Erik into unleashing his powers."

Empire go on to describe the vibe of the scene, and comment on some of the special effects used..

"It's uncompromising stuff, augmented with brilliant effects and is even slightly disturbing. It immediately sets X-Men: First Class apart from the DayGlo superhero fare coming our way this Summer, and is a world away from teh Mutants 90210 approach that could have been taken."

Vaughn himself follows this up with..

"I can't imagine Thor or Green Lantern starting like that! That's the fun of it. I can imagine people going "What the fuck?" But I didn't want to make the kiddie version of X-Men"

Empire also ask Vaughn about those two posters that were universally torn apart. His response?

"It's not my job to market the film" He says diplomatically

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