X-Men: First Class Writers Want To Tackle The Fantastic Four Reboot

<i>X-Men: First Class</i> Writers Want To Tackle The <i>Fantastic Four</i> Reboot

Screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz who worked on both First Class and Thor revealed their desire to work on a Fantastic Four reboot at MCM Expo London Comic Con..

Last we heard about Fox's (apparently) in the works reboot of Fantastic Four was that it had a script in the works, and the rumored title was Fantastic Four: Reborn. We haven't heard anything since aside from a load of made up nonsense about Bruce Willis voicing The Thing etc.

Well, far from being anything official, we at least have an interested party in getting Marvel's first family back up on the big screen. First Class screen writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz revealed their interest when asked which Marvel character they would like to tackle next at the MCM Expo..

"We would absolutely love to reboot the Fantastic Four. There is a franchise that's crying out for it. The Fantastic Four are adventurers, not superheroes, and we have not seen that so far.

"It should all be about venturing into the unknown, space, the Negative Zone, the Microverse. They are explorers. It should be Star Wars meets superheroes."

The duo also expressed interest in having a go at a Wonder Woman adap..

"That haven't been done yet? I'd say poor Wonder Woman. It never seems to go right for her.

"She is this iconic character but the general public have this image of her twirling around and flying an invisible plane.

"But she gutted [archvillain] Maxwell Lord like a fish [in the comic book]. I like the George Perez stories. I would love to see a more kick-ass version of her [in live-action adaptations]."

Actually she twisted Lord's head around..but whatever! What do you guys think? Would these guys write a good FF story for the big screen? Would you even want to see another take on it now that things have changed(Torch dead, Spidey takes his place) so much in the comics? And if so, who do you think should play them?

Note: The full transcript of the Expo conference was posted Here but many of us(myself included) seemed to miss out on the important details.

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