X-MEN In The SPIDER-MAN Universe? Sony Pictures Now Said To Be In Talks With Fox

X-MEN In The SPIDER-MAN Universe? Sony Pictures Now Said To Be In Talks With Fox

Talks between Disney and Fox fell through but now a new report reveals that Sony could be eyeing up buying the company's movie studio, a deal which would bring the X-Men into the same world as Spider-Man.

Last week, we learned that Disney was in talks with 21st Century Fox to acquire a number of assets, including the movie studio responsible for franchises like Fantastic Four, Planet of the Apes, and X-Men. Talks reportedly fell through but a new report reveals that Sony Pictures may now be interested in acquiring the company, a surprising move but one which makes perfect sense thinking about it.

The Washingon Post reveals that Fox has only been informally approached by Sony and that means talks are in the very early stages. Bear in mind that the studio has been struggling for a while in terms of output and after losing the James Bond franchise, Sony could do with gaining a lot of new IPs.

While Marvel Studios has been happy to share Spider-Man with Marvel Studios in order to redeem the character, they're forging ahead with a number of separate spinoffs and so it's probably best not to assume that this means we'll see the X-Men and Fantastic Four join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even so, it does open the door to Spidey or characters like Venom and Black Cat meeting up with Wolverine and The Thing. Who knows if Sony could get their act together to that extent, though!

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