X-MEN Producer Lauren Shuler Donner Says "Why Not?" To Potential Marvel Studios Crossover

X-MEN Producer Lauren Shuler Donner Says "Why Not?" To Potential Marvel Studios Crossover

Lauren Shuler Donner has already shared her thoughts on Disney's recent acquisition of Fox, and here the producer expresses excitement at the prospect of working with the likes of Bog Iger and Kevin Feige.

When the deal came through and Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox's assets was made official, the general assumption was that Fox's stable of Marvel characters would be rebooted into the MCU - however, that isn't the only possibility.

We recently found out that Fox was still forging ahead with most of the X-Men-related projects they had in the pipeline until further notice, so it certainly doesn't appear that Marvel has any immediate plans to integrate the merry band of mutant.

Could some kind of crossover take place instead, perhaps?

That seems like a long shot, but when asked about the possibility during an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, long-time X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner definitely seemed open to the prospect:

“Sure, why not?” Look, it’s 18 months [away], so who knows. For me, I think Bob Iger is one of the smartest men in the country. Alan Horn’s an old friend. Kevin Feige was my intern and assistant and then my associate producer on the first X-Men. Kevin and I started the X-Men together, so for me, if we work with Kevin, I’m happy.”

A lot of things still seem very up in the air at the moment, but is it safe to say that the majority of fans would rather see Feige and Marvel wipe the slate clean and introduce their own incarnations of the Children of The Atom at some point?

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