X-MEN Producer Sparks Controversy For Offensive Facebook Posts

X-MEN Producer Sparks Controversy For Offensive Facebook Posts

John Palermo, known for being Hugh Jackman's former producer associate, is taking a ton of heat for his recent posts on Facebook about rapper Kanye West and Big Brother's Julie Chen. Hit the jump for details.

Recently the entire internet has given their wasted attention to the life and opinions of rapper Kanye West; Palermo being one of them. Apparently he didn't like the idea of West moving into a Bel-Air mansion: "There goes the neighborhood!!! It looks like a Poor Persian Palace, where's Kris Jenner when you need her?! #MoneyCantBuyADumbN****Class". Earlier that day, he threw a jab at Julie Chen who admitted in receiving plastic surgery on her eyes to appear less "Chinese". Palermo said, "now that her eyes are finally open, she should leave Monster Moonves". In addition to his cyber rant, Palermo responded to an article about CNN's Anderson Cooper attendance of a gay bar. Palermo posted: "#SmellsLikeLubeAndHIV". He has since deactivated his Facebook page.

Ouch! Sounds like somebody doesn't know what happens to a toad when it gets struck by lightening! What do you guys think? How will it hurt his career? Sound off below!

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