X-MEN Star Famke Janssen Open To Jean Grey Return, But Hopes Franchise Will Be Female-Focused In The MCU

X-MEN Star Famke Janssen Open To Jean Grey Return, But Hopes Franchise Will Be Female-Focused In The MCU

Reflecting on the release of X-Men two decades after it arrived in theaters, Jean Grey actress Famke Janssen confirms that she's open to reprising the role if Marvel Studios heads in that direction...

The X-Men franchise may have been rebooted in 2011 with Matthew Vaughn's First Class, but it was done in a way that left the door open for previous versions of the characters to return (something we got to see just a few years later when Bryan Singer returned to helm Days of Future Past).

Famke Janssen's role as Jean Grey was one of the most memorable, of course, but would she be open to reprising the role - again - if Marvel Studios wanted to bring her back as the powerful mutant?

"I think the question is more if they would have any interest in bringing me back," she tells Observer. "With Days of Future Past, there was a surprise way of reintroducing certain characters that had been killed off. In some people’s cases, it was to bring them back as well as the younger versions of their characters. I’d be curious to see what happens [with Marvel Films]. But, yes, I would be very open to it."

Given Kevin Feige's history with the X-Men franchise, it's not outside the realm of possibility that he might choose to bring back the original cast via a movie like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but it's also somewhat unlikely. Even if she doesn't return, Janssen does hope that the future of the franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be female-led. 

"The one thing that we can say for the X-Men is that there were a lot of women in our films. Strong, superhero women. I think diversity across the board would be amazing," Janssen explains. "There’s no shortage in any of these X-Men of what you can do and what you can find in terms of diverse characters. I’m assuming that’s what they’ll do anyway, but that is where the work should be headed everywhere."

What are you hoping to see from the X-Men in the MCU?

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