X-MEN Star Halle Berry Recalls On Set Clashes With Director Bryan Singer While Playing Storm

X-MEN Star Halle Berry Recalls On Set Clashes With Director Bryan Singer While Playing Storm

X-Men: Days of Future Past star Halle Berry has recalled clashing with director Bryan Singer on the set of his movies, explaining that the disgraced filmmaker is "not the easiest dude to work with."

Halle Berry played Storm across four X-Men movies, with Bryan Singer at the helm of three of them. It's no secret that the actress clashed with the director at times, and she's now elaborated on that in an interview with Variety (to promote her feature directorial debut Bruised ahead of its Toronto Film Festival debut). 

"Bryan’s not the easiest dude to work with," Berry admits. "I mean, everybody’s heard the stories — I don’t have to repeat them — and heard of his challenges, and what he struggles with."

"I would sometimes be very angry with him," she continues. "I got into a few fights with him, said a few cuss words out of sheer frustration. When I work, I’m serious about that. And when that gets compromised, I get a little nutty. But at the same time, I have a lot of compassion for people who are struggling with whatever they’re struggling with, and Bryan struggles."

"Sometimes, because of whatever he’s struggling with, he just didn’t always feel present. He didn’t feel there. And we’re outside in our little ‘X-Men’ stage freezing our ass off in Banff, Canada, with subzero weather and he’s not focusing. And we’re freezing. You might get a little mad."

While Berry is clearly choosing her words carefully here, "struggles" is certainly a unique way tom describe what Singer has been going through. The filmmaker has been accused of sexual assault by at least four men who were underage at the time, and it's been alleged that he groomed young men while making these X-Men movies (offering roles in exchange for sexual favours). 

At this point, it seems unlikely Singer will ever work in Hollywood again, as online backlash already led to him no longer being lined up to take the helm of the planned Red Sonja movie. 

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