X-MEN: APOCALYPSE - Alexandra Shipp Reveals Description Of First Scene Between 'Storm' And 'En Sabah Nur'

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE - Alexandra Shipp Reveals Description Of First Scene Between 'Storm' And 'En Sabah Nur'

Alexandra Shipp talks about the moment Storm meets Apocalypse for the first time, shedding some light on the accent she'll use and what benefits being part of En Sabah Nur's Four Horseman has.

In a lengthy interview with Collider, Alexandra Shipp has talked in detail about her role as Storm in X-Men: Apocalypse, shedding some light on what happens when Ororo Monroe meets En Sabah Nur for the first time. Surprisingly, it sounds like it plays out fairly similarly to the comic books, just with Apocalypse tracking down the youngster instead of Professor Charles Xavier. 

"[You] see me in Cairo, and he’s speaking whatever ancient language because he’s just woken up and I’m speaking Arabic. I’m trying to communicate with him, and then he has this moment where he figures out where he is, what’s happened, what date it is, and he … Apocalypse doesn’t need to say much. All he has to do is just be like, “I’m here, I’m what you’ve been looking for”. And you just feel it right in your gut, and you’re like, “Right, you are exactly what I’ve been looking for. You are exactly what I need right now.” I think that he can see that, and he could also see the power. I feel like when you’re the most powerful, you’re also the most self-conscious about it. We kind of find each other. Like though the crowd, it all parts and I see his blue face. Then we kind of just like, “Ah”. There is a moment."

As for the accent her version of Storm is going to have, the actress confirmed that she's "doing a Kenyan accent. I’m also speaking Arabic, which is cool." As for what happens when Ororo falls under the influence of Apocalypse, Shipp reiterated previous reports that she and the rest of his Horsemen will end up getting something of a power boost thanks to the villain's many abilities.

"For me specifically, well like, what he does is he has the power to enhance your power. So while you’re around him, he’s got all these mega level mutants. He’s able to turn them into crazy-baboom level mutants. For me, he is like, what you can control everything, almost, kind of, sort of. I’m not the Phoenix, but you know what I mean. She’s got so many powers, and he’s like, but he doesn’t even know what her powers are when he meets her. He can just sense the level and that’s what attracts him to them. So what he is attracted to is their level and their magnitude of power. I think that his plan for her in the movie is to protect him. Protect him with fog. Protect him with lightening. Blow away a missile. Blow away a plane. There is so much that she can do, and what he’s looking for is protection because he just woke up after a couple thousands and thousand years. He’s weak and he’s alone, and he’s been betrayed, you know. He’s kind of like a girlfriend who just got cheated on, who wants to date the nerdy guy who can take care of her."
More details can be found by clicking on the link below, but it definitely sounds as if this is going to be THE definitive take on the character. Still, with so many mutants making their presence felt in X-Men: Apocalypse, it will be interesting to see if Storm actually gets the chance to shine when she returns to the big screen later this year. What do you guys think of these comments?
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