JFK Jr. Was A Mutant? New Leaked Documents Prove it!

JFK Jr. Was A Mutant? New Leaked Documents Prove it!

Documents hit a couple of weeks ago insinuating that JFK wasn't the only mutant in the Kennedy family. We just got our hands on a NEW document highlighting another family member's mutant abilities and the families fear of his mutation going public!

Last month M-Underground broke the news that JFK wasn't the only mutant in the Kennedy family (see the post here), as we learned in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Apparently Bobby Kennedy and Ted Kennedy were mutants too!  As if that's not crazy enough, it has been revealed that a third Kennedy suffered from the dreaded "Kennedy Curse"!  We have below a telegram from Jacqueline Kennedy herself referencing John F. Kennedy Jr's treatment, side effects and the family's concern about his "condition" going public.

Kennedy Mutant Document 3

Apparently JFK Jr. wasn't born with his dashing good looks, they were due to his shapeshifting ability!  Ted Kennedy's healing abliities allowed Jackie to create a serum that covered up JFK Jr's birth defects and disfigurements!

I've included the referenced document below, as well as the other two documents that hit late last month revealing the "Kennedy Curse"...

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