In this review I give you my Spoiler Free thoughts on the latest X-men film, X-Men: Days of Future Past. Check it out!

X-Men: Days of Future Past is not the X-Men movie we deserve, but the one we need. Yes, I am aware I took that from The Dark knight but let me explain how it applies to this review.  Days of Future Past is a good movie, in my opinion it is as good as  First Class and the best x-men movie since X2. It works on a lot of levels, it has an excellent main cast (side cast is wasted,) it combines aspects of action, sci-fi (some of it is pretty farfetched) and drama well, but it is not very self-contained and relies a lot on a nostalgia factor. Nostalgia is where downside lies; as a fan you are literally asked to ignore what has come before it, while at the same time, that which you are being asked to ignore is being referenced.

This movie did go to great efforts to correct a lot of past mistakes; perhaps it should have been called X-Men: Ways to fix a Franchise’s Past, because it really doesn’t fix any continuity issues created from the past movies, as a matter of a fact it doesn’t really addresses any inconsistencies, it manages to create new ones and then it hits a reset switch so you don’t have to ever have to think about whether or not it’s consistent with what came before.
And this is where my initial point about X-Men: Days of Future Past, Yes it is a good film, not the X-Men movie we deserve, but the one we need. Days of Future Past works best as a sendoff to the films that came before it, but the period piece that I was hoping for was overshadowed by the nostalgia, the need for the high profile stars to have enough screen time(too much Wolverine for my taste), the under usage of supporting characters and the need hit that reset switch.   

I recommend anyone who is a CBM fan to check this movie out, it is a very good movie in spite of its flaws and it leaves you hoping that X-Men: Apocalypse will be the movie X-men fans deserve. I give this movie a

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