The Five Best Scenes In X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

The Five Best Scenes In X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

Every great movie has a few scenes that could be identifiable as superior. What are the best scenes in X-Men: Days Of Future Past? Check out my thoughts after the jump.... Oh, and there will be Spoilers... duh.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past opened already and it has gotten phenomenal reviews. The movie is filled with scenes that are emotional, funny, and full of action. Here are the five best scenes of the movie for me (keep in mind that this is my opinion, not yours). SPOILERS

5. Charles Meets His Future Self
Kicking off the top five is the scene in which Charles looks through Wolverine's mind to see everything he has been through, and ends up making contact with his future self. I don't really think I can describe in words how much this scene really touched me. It was not only epic to see these two versions of the character connect, but it was really heart-warming to see the older Xavier tell his younger self about the future and how he must never give up his hope. It has been made clear throughout the movie that this younger Charles just isn't the same as the future version, but after this moment you can see how they progressively get more and more alike, especially his final moments with Raven (read more about that later). James McAvoy has actually become one of my favorite actors with this role, and the "depression" half of the movie as I call it really helped influence that decision. It proves that these newer actors have something special in them.

4. Everyone Dies
The first minutes of the movie had me smiling so hard. It reunited the whole cast and did an excellent job in doing it. I thought they would have to kind of dumb things down for newer audiences to get, but instead we just went right to seeing them doing what they've been known to do forever. So by the time the movie was nearing the end, I was shaking to see their fates. The future part of the climax was done perfectly. We saw the X-Men fighting off Sentinels outside as the others stayed with Wolverine's body. The final moments between Magneto and Professor X were really emotional, but not quite as much as the death of every single mutant. Sure, we saw this earlier in the movie, but it was more emotional here. Why? Because the stakes where higher. Near the beginning, we saw just one of the many deaths they had to go through as Kitty kept sending Bishop back to warn them earlier then re-locate. Boring life, huh? But the final battle against the Sentinels involved the end of their life for good.
3. Quicksilver's Prison Break
I was one of the many people to go "ah, Quicksilver is unnecessary, he was shoe-horned in, his costume sucks, it won't be as good as Whedon's" etc.. I was also one of the many people to admit mistake. Super Speed is hard to get right on film because you need to be able to see things from the character's perspective to truly get a good experience. We ended up seeing this amazingly choreographed scene where Quicksilver stops a bunch of guards from killing Wolverine (puh), Charles, and Erik by spending about a second or two flying around the room doing both hilarious and awesome moves to make every enemy attack backfire. I was laughing so hard when Quicksilver finally stopped running to see the whole room fall to pieces. They nailed the character, no questions. From the TV Spots I thought the scene when they visit him in his house was gonna be so cheesy and not funny. But instead the whole theater was laughing at every little thing he did. It was definitely a highlight of the movie, and miles better than any of the 'jokes' in another major comic book movie this summer (Spidey 2)...
2. Wolverine Awakes
Does this one really need to be explained? I mean, really? Does it? As epic as it was for me to see the original cast together again, it was even more special to see Jean and Cyclops again. I was literally so in awe of the way this was handled that I stood up and clapped when the film rolled to credits. I mean it. I was clapping and cheering. I've heard some people at my theater critisize the fact that Wolverine's reaction to everything was 'cheesy.' While I kind of get where they're coming at, I will have to disagree. It's quite the opposite. The Avengers round shot, Bane breaking the Bat, a certain moment from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and the Man of Steel taking off, are all moments that fanboys can get all giddy over because of how epic it looked to see brought to life, but all those are surpassed by Wolverine walking down the halls of the X-Mansion as he passes all of his old friends. And that last moment when Wolverine tells Xavier that he has returned to the future is also brilliance. It is also the scene with the most potential for the future, so it can't be ignored. This is where nothing will ever be the same.
1. Charles Convinces Mystique
Coming up at number one is the final few moments of the past, the end of the climax, as Mystique once again confronts Charles and gets convinced to stop. After seeing quite a few times throughout the course of the film how the impact of his loss had on him, I expected to see a very beautiful moment between the two before they part ways. While they may make contact again in future films, this is a great ending for now. You may all think that I was wrong to choose this scene as my number one moment from the movie, but you know what?... I don't care. I thought the moment they shared before Wolverine went back to the future was just so emotional that I legitimately shed a tear. For real. The last time a tear rolled down my cheek during a movie was when The Avengers assembled together because that was just so friggin badass on the big screen (it also nearly happened at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but it ultimately didn't quite come out). I thought this scene topped everything else in the movie. It reminds me of the ending to First Class, in that the final part of the climax is less physical action and more emotional action. For me, Charles and Mystique's relationship is a highlight of the new films and they steal every scene together. Amazing scene. Bravo.

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