Watch: Why didn't Stan Lee make a cameo in the latest X-men film?

Watch: Why didn't Stan Lee make a cameo in the latest X-men film?

While talking to CNN, Stan Lee discusses the reasons behind not being able to create a cameo for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Check it out!

Afternoon True Believers! As we all know Stan Lee's cameos have become a tradition in Marvel films. It is not necessarily an obligatory cameo because he has not have a one in every single Marvel film but it is something that fans cherish and look forward to because it pays tribute to the man, partly  or solely, responsible for the creation of these beloved Comic Book characters. Stan Lee did not have a cameo in X-men: Days of Future Past and in this interview wiht CNN he explains the reason behind his absence:

For the video impaired here is a transcript:

“As a matter of fact I have never requested a cameo. I love doing them. I’m incredibly happy when somebody asks me to do a cameo but I don’t ask for them. In fact there are times I don’t get them. In the new X-Men movie, I don’t have a Cameo because it was shot, I think, somewhere in Europe and I wasn’t able to go there.
But I have a funny theory about it; it also could be they didn’t want me to do a cameo because, without my cameo, the movie will make more money. You are wondering how and I am going to explain that. You see, somebody watches the movie and the movie ends and the person says “Wow, I didn’t see Stan’s Cameo. I must have missed it. So what do they do? Right back to the box office, buy another ticket, and watch the movie again. So I think it’s a big moneymaking ploy on the part of the producers.” 

It make sense, I myself thought I missed it the first time around so I was hoping to catch it the second time I saw Days of Future Past. Stan Lee, you are clever handsome devil sir (shakes first in an angry manner.) 'nuff said!

This is not the first time he wasn't able to make a cameo in an X-men movie. Stan Lee did not have one in X2 or any of the Wolverine spin offs. Check out some of Stan the Man’s cameos in this clip: 


I myself wish he would have made a cameo on the latest X-Men film, but in no way think that his absence devalues it. What do you guys think? Did you miss Stan the Man’s cameo?  Are you indifferent about it? Which one is your favorite Stan Lee cameo? Leave your thoughts down below and Excelsior! 

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