Who Is X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST's Secret Mutant?

Who Is X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST's Secret Mutant?

Today is Days of Future Past's day! With Empire's covers flooding the home page and criticism (both good and bad), it's PR heaven. But are we being prepped for the biggest reveal yet? Hit the jump to find out why!

Disclaimer: This article is being written at 20:37PM GMT, any reveals/covers added after that time will not be covered and may make this "idea" redundant. Keep that in mind before commenting.

Fox are in the middle of a dream; the internet is a buzz and #DaysOfFuturePast is trending, Days of Future Past is having the time of it's life. In anticipation for May's big mutant movie Fox have teamed up with Empire Magazine to release 25 exclusive DoFP covers (If you haven't seen them, there's something seriously wrong!). But is today's "big reveal" still on it's way? And is it the biggest yet? It might just be time to get excited...

Who Is DOFP's Secret Mutant?

First off, let's establish WHY a big reveal could be on it's way; it all starts with Empire's covers. Right now there are 13 of 25 covers released, and 12 is a big number. But let's see who still has a cover to come:

  • Old Xavier

  • Warpath

  • Blink

  • Sunspot

  • Storm

  • Colossus

  • Iceman

  • Kitty Pride

  • Bishop

  • Future Team

  • Past Team

  • So, that's the main cast but, unless maths in the X-Men continuity work's differently (and let's be honest, after the shit-storm they made off that, nothing is impossible), I count 24. Leaving one cover... with two VERY significant mutants still awaiting their moment in the spotlight...

    Now, let's look at WHO we could be dealing with. There are hundreds (possibly even thousands) of characters who could show up in X-Men: Day's of Future Past. Marvel have spent years developing the gallery of X-gene holders, some more famous than others. Here are the top four (in my opinion) most likely mutants to show up later today:

    Scarlet Witch

    One half of the Maximoff twins is in the film, why not make it a sister act? At some stage or another Wanda Maximoff will be hitting the silver screen (definitely come May 2015). So should Fox take the leap and bring the mutant (who kinda ended up killing off 95% of all X-genes last year) with a thing for magic to the 70s?


    First Class started it and Days of Future Past looks like it's going to continue it. The origin of the Brotherhood of Mutants is being done with some justice (compared to some of the other "patchy" villain origins of recent years). Magneto, Mystique, Toad, Emma Frost and Azazel are all there (Frost and Azazel won't be popping up this time around but they were part of the starting party). Victor Creed has shown up (twice) before in the X-Men universe, will his origin be extended further?


    Let's be honest, who doesn't love Cyclops? Unfortunately, Bryan Singer (to put it frankly) pissed on Scott Summers in the original trilogy and Wolverine Origins didn't make much of an effort at fixing that. But now they have the chance to fix things. Cyclops can be the true leader that we know him as, not a love sick, whinny bitch. But, when we're on the topic of his love life...

    Jean Grey

    If Bryan Singer did any character right in X1 and X2 it's Jean Grey... until Brett Wratner decided that the Phoenix was really... a pissed off bipolar child? I'm not sure exactly. But this one has more too it than it might first seem. Anyone remember THIS? It's a still from the film that seems to show Nic Hoult's Beast being... levitated? Which seems to give us one of two possible explainations:

  • Magneto has a grip on some metal on Beast's body; or

  • Jean Grey (or another mutant with telekenetit powers) is breaking up a Logan/Hank throw down

  • So, what do you think? Psychic or psycho? In a matter of hours there won't be much mystery too it. At the end of the day I'm just a fan fantasizing so make what you will of the idea. Sign off your thoughts on the matter below and when (inevitably) it becomes a "[frick] you Singer" session, keep it classy CBM.

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