Alice Eve Makes A Hot Emma Frost!

Alice Eve Makes A Hot Emma Frost!

Alice Eve Makes A Hot Emma Frost!

Aww shucky shucky now! Alice Eve has been recently announced as being in negotiations to portray Emma Frost (aka. the White Queen) in Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class! With that being said, ComicBookHotties has the pics that will bring you a up-close and personal look at Alice Eve!

Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class is set to unleash in Theaters worldwide June 3, 2011. So the count down is on. Will X-Men: First Class be the first solid X Flick from Fox since X2? Or will it continue in the tradition of liberal character design and just all around bad story decisions that have plagued the last few entries of Fox-Donner helmed X-Men films?

We have less then a year to find out.

So to lighten the mood and fill in the gaps ComicBookHotties has created a Gallery of the lovely Alice Eve. Whom, if you haven't heard, has been in aggressive negotiations to play the telepathic mutant Emma Frost. Which to me, is a good choice. Alice Eve looks the part. As with previous X-Men films it truly is a crap shot if the movie will be any good or not.

At least we can count on the Hotness that is Alice Eve! Be sure to click the pic below to check out Alice's photo gallery.

Alice Eve Lingerie

In the above pic Alice Eve gives us an ice cold White Queen stare. Yep, I can see it!

Oh yeah, check out the below video of Alice Eve's Maxim photo shoot! Chyaa!

Have a Happy 4th of July Everyone!!! Light em up!
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