Bryan Singer On X-Men: First Class, Debunks Wolverine Cameo

Bryan Singer On <em>X-Men: First Class</em>, Debunks Wolverine Cameo

At a recent press screening Singer, who is producing the X-Men: First Class, said a few words about what we can expect from Matthew Vaughn's prequel, and says Wolverine will not be in the film..

TheGeekFiles have some quotes from Singer on First Class from a press screening. A lot of it is stuff we have heard before from Singer, but he does explain why they chose to make this a Silver Age set film, and also debunks the recent Wolverine cameo rumor..

"We've set First Class in a time when the X-Men were conceived in the early 60s, up against political events that were happening - the early civil rights movement - and we have these kinds of events at a time when the world didn't know mutants existed."

And Hugh Jackman/Wolverine?

"He's not in the movie, he's in the Wolverine movies."

Further response to the rumor which had Jackman hop in a taxi the First Class set on Jekyl Island comes from Fox..

A Fox spokesman has since told us: "X-Men hasn't started shooting in Georgia yet and if Hugh was in Georgia, it wasn't for this movie.

For more from Singer click the link below. X-Men: First Class hits theatres June 3, 2011.

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