Even More Possible X-Men: First Class Spoilers Revealed!

Even More Possible X-Men: First Class Spoilers Revealed!

Even More Possible <i>X-Men: First Class</i> Spoilers Revealed!

Hit the jump for more details on the prequel including the fact that it'll be Magneto getting the most screentime and which mutants will be a part of the Hellfire Club. Also, new info on this films relationship to the past ones...

Both myself and DCMarvelFreshman posted some spoilers from someone claiming to have worked on the movie which were revealed via the SuperHeroHype forums earlier this week. Well, they've been at it again, this time sharing plenty of interesting new information on the characters and storyline. As there's no way of verifying this, it's once again best to take it all with a huge grain of salt, but I think you'll agree that it still makes for an interesting read!

Xavier is going to be crippled in this film. Xavier and Magneto have a distinct falling out.

Azazel and Riptide are villains, lackies of Shaw, unsure if they're actually members of The Hellfire Club.

Banshee does not start out with Xavier (well, duh). He works with OIiver Platt's character, The Man in Black, as does Moria McTaggert.

This movie is largely about Magneto. This isn't just going to be Xavier and the X-Men. Magneto has a massive role, probably bigger than any of the other films. It sort of begins with Magneto, and segueways to Charles. It's very much XAVIER AND MAGNETO, though.

Emma Frost has a role about the size of Mystique's in X-MEN. Maybe a little bigger. She uses her powers a lot, so yes, she is in fight scenes.

The falling out between Xavier and Magneto is not over a "chick". It's over ideals. As it should be.

You are being kept in the dark because the filmmakers have something very special in store. Simple, but very special.

It's not an alternate timeline. It's a vague prequel in the sense that SUPERMAN RETURNS was a vague sequel.

What do you guys think about all this? As shocked as I am to be saying this, it almost makes the movie sound good despite the huge differences from the comic books. Be sure to share your thoughts in the usual place! X-Men: First Class is set to be released on June 3, 2011!

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