Jane Goldman Says X-Men: First Class Starts Shooting In Three Weeks

Jane Goldman Says X-Men: First Class Starts Shooting In Three Weeks

Jane Goldman Says <i>X-Men: First Class</i> Starts Shooting In Three Weeks

The prolific writer was at Movie Con this weekend and touched based on the latest X-Men movie.

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While at London's Movie Con promoting The Woman in Black, a ghost story movie, Jane Goldman confirmed that X-Men: First Class will start shooting soon.
“I think it’s in my contract that I actually get killed if I say much. It’s going really well and I am very excited. I watched a bunch of pre-viz yesterday and went home feeling so excited. We start shooting in about three weeks. We have an incredible cast and we’re all very excited. When I came to visit this set the other day, they’re across Pinewood, and there were X-Men people walking around in bathrobes.”

Nothing really revealing here, but Goldman did address Kick-Ass 2 briefly as well:
“I wish I could. At the moment it’s still incredibly early days. Mark Millar has completed the comics. In terms of the movie, everybody involved would love to do it, but we’re waiting and seeing."

DogsOfWar-This movie has gotten the fast track and is blazing ahead at a production schedule most movies don't attempt these days. Will that help or hurt the movie's final version? I think this plays to director Matthew Vaughn's strengths and having someone like Jane Goldman in your corner certainly helps.
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